SFN Newsletter Sunday 27th June 2010

Having survived what seems like the longest, coldest and wettest spring in living memory, we’re pleased to bring you…drum roll…sunshine! Lets hope that it stays hot and sunny for a long time to come…

We’re also pleased to bring you a special offer from network member Jilly Ballantyne. Jilly is a very talented artist and has a beautiful range of cards and mugs for sale on her site. If you are fed up of the usual over priced and badly designed, efforts on sale in the local supermarket, you are bound to be impressed with Jilly’s designs. Jilly has been kind enough to offer SF members a saving on the list price as she explains, “I have just ordered 100 of my own cards at Zazzle, so I can offer them to you with the sellers discount for £2 each instead of £2.45 and if you live in the UK or France I’ll post for free. (in euros: €2.40 each card instead of €2.95) 5 cards minimum order.”

John Harlow needs a favour! He’s looking for someone who wouldn’t mind bringing a stump grinder back from the UK (Birmingham area) for him. If any of you can help, please get in touch. Failing that, John has found a company offering very reasonable rates for collection and delivery as a "part load.” Should any one be interested in bringing stuff here or doing the reverse trip, please contact John and for reference the email address is elaine@cotswold-carriers.com

And as some of you may have heard, a new English language paper is about to be launched in France. French Week is going to be France’s first English-language weekly and is for all those who still love the feel of reading a printed paper. Editor Miranda Neame says she ‘has lived, loved, worked, struggled and published in France for a few decades now!’ French Week aims to tackle both current issues and readers’ concerns and will run national and local news stories as well as features. Miranda has very kindly offered all SF Network members a free trial copy - available here, enter “survivefrance” when asked “Where did you hear about French Week?” and your free copy will be dispatched when the paper is launched at the end of July.

Right, that’s all from me, if there’s something you’d like including in the next newsletter just drop me a PM or leave me a comment on my page. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Catharine x

Ps - Don’t forget you can now add your website address directly to your profile page. If you can add a link to Survive France to your site or blog we would greatly appreciate it - thanks!

I received a message from a member asking how to get the discount on the cards on Zazzle. The offer is not available on Zazzle, it’s only direct from me, until I run out! I ordered a 100 cards to get a bulk buy discount and so I could pass on the saving to my friends. email me with any chosen to jillyballantyne@mac.com

thanks Catharine! I have 68 of the 100 cards left! You can see them here http://www.zazzle.co.uk/jilly67*


If this is the results global warming then I strongly recommend Brittany ! I am sure you are only speaking for the South of France - In Brittany we have survived the longest cold spell in winter I can remember since 1992.93.( I moved my caravan from the lakeside in Central brittany at the end of October - I was still fishing in shorts and T-shirt !! Then November came and the rtemp dropped 20° ) However they were beautiful, cold crisp days with a hint of warm sunshine in the afternoons. Loads of snow, the kids ahd a white Christmas. We had two major floods, one in the Winter and one in the spring. And since the last cold spell left us in March we have had a stunning spring. My olive and palm trees have survived - they do not like wet winters.

This winter has been one of the worst I can recall…!

I came to France in November having got fed up of the UK’s lack of sunshine, or, for that matter, summer. Since arriving in the south of France, I’ve found out what roads and motorways are like when the temperature is minus six degrees and it’s raining (pretty much like a wrecker’s yard) and what happens when you drive your car through a deep flood (luckily, its a diesel, and while the back floated, the front wheels stayed on the ground and got me through). So, I’m really happy that the sun has come out to play :slight_smile: