Well another week has flown past. 35 new members have joined us so a big welcome to you all. We’ve experienced some pretty bizarre and unseasonal weather and by the time you get this newsletter, we should have some idea of who is going to be running the UK for the foreseeable future…

As most of you have probably heard, our site hosts Ning will shortly be changing their pricing structure. We will be monitoring the situation but we think that as far as we are concerned, this will be ‘A Good Thing’ and we’re looking forward to offering our members a host of new features on the SF network. In any case, panic not - SF is a premium site so we won’t suddenly disappear when Ning withdraws its free sites in July! This does mean however, that the network is going to start costing us money. Until now, the cost has been mainly our time, plus of course lots of blood, sweat and tears… So we are starting to develop relationships with partners who will help to support the site. We’ve also added an advertising feature. You can place a text advertisement for your business from as little as 1€, see the link on the homepage. Contact me directly if you need any further details after you’ve checked the link. Again, if you’re not interested, please, please do tell any friends who might be. Thank you!

Suzie Blackman has started a new group for all you art lovers on the network. ARTicles is going to provide a discussion platform and information specifically geared towards art lovers. Suzie has helpfully complied a list of galleries and exhibition venues - if you know of any more please let her know. And if you have arty friends who haven’t yet joined the network - please let them know about it. Suzie’s gallery is in the Dordogne and you can find out all about it on Suzie’s page.

One of the benefits of starting the SF network has been meeting new people and discovering the many groups, clubs and associations that are geared towards helping ex-pats in France, so lets all carry on spreading the word about SF, encouraging other groups and associations to join up and post content here and generally spread the word!

Right, that’s enough from me - I’m off to hang the washing out before we get a freak snow fall. Have a great weekend!

Catharine x