What I find most interesting about this group is the name. What has driven you so crazy about France that the forum you choose to post on is called "Survive France Network". With respect survival is a strong word. My # 1 issue is the health care system of paying fees to Assurance Maladie and an insurance company in what is a democratically elected socialist country. Before anyone goes on the defensive I have experience in the insurance industry and I can assure you that there is no more capitalist concept than an insurance company.

Yep but the modern graphics are brill. The Sky coverage of the last UK election was superb with the excellent Prof Michael Thrasher doing the Butler bits.

Who can forget it indeed. A whole new future beckoned, then some plonker invented the smart screen :-(

And who can forget the super-advanced technology of the Swingometer with messers Butler & Mckenzie operating this essential part of election night viewing ? The secret of the early models was to get the tension of the central nut and bolt just right so the arm wasn't too floppy or too tight to be swung around...

I think David Butler the psephologist who really shaped BBC election programmes summed it up when talking about people's electoral habits. He said roughly, when there are pros and cons it is best to sit on the fence and change nothing. In this case, although on balance no change is ahead of change anyway, it looks like that principle serves this site best.

Anyway, I still don't get how people don't get the humour in the name. Since I first commented on that, in fact the proportion of people being funny or just a bit cheeky seems to have gone down!

From an SEO perspective, changing the domain name could be disastrous and may spell the end of the site, is that a risk worth taking?

I appreciate the pros and cons of the name and understand why some like it and some don't. For the time being, at least, it stays as it is. On a personal note, I find it disappointing that those that happily use this free resource won't help promote us because of the name.


(Community Manager)

tit for tat.

Steve - there is no need to be unpleasant and personal. Very disappointed.

Sure, you win, more fool you

Thank you Catherine :-)

@ Steve - you have lost the bet. You have conceded defeat. You have messaged me and offered to pay up and buy us lunch. Now please, give up gracefully! The name has survived. Pun fully intended.... :)

Thrive in France?

Hi Pauline and welcome! Now that you've stopped 'lurking', hopefully you'll become a regular poster! x

After "lurking" for a long time, this thread has finally nudged me into signing up simply because I wanted to say that the name is part of what has made me reluctant to join this site. To me the only time there is anything aspirational about merely 'surviving', is when the only other alternative is 'not surviving'. It also suggests that you're marking time until the experience is over and done with - you only know you've survived something when you come out the other side. It's what you say after an accident, or as John Scully said after a dire business meeting or dinner party, or about a bad relationship after it has ended, "I survived".

As for it being humourous - well it might be, except for the fact that sometimes people find themselves in a position where survival is about the best they can hope for, so is it a joke at their expense? If so I find it in bad taste.

Maybe a more positive name would encourage a more positive outlook.

But now that I've joined I'll try to learn to like if it can't be changed.

Oh so true, Carl, especially for those of us who run a business here and evenmore so for those who have French OH and family - there's no escaping french life even when you sleep and the slightest pragmatic anglosaxon take on anything is met with astonishment and a load of reasons why it has to be done the French way :-O

My surgeon recently told me that there will never be the much needed reform of the many mutuelles because they are contributors to the election expenses of senators etc.

Interestingly (for me anyway) a friend who knows about these things claims that Skodas are the best built VW group products. Unlike VWs, Audis and Porches which are built by disinterested gastarbeiters, Seats that are thrown together in Spain or Lambos and Ducatis with their famious Italian electrics reliability, Skodas are bullt by proud Czechs who want to produce a quality product :slight_smile:

I donno, there have been dinner parties and business meetings I’ve struggled to survive over the years.

I’m just around the corner from you in Lorgues David.