SFN's own Agent Smith. Vote now

Some of you may have seen the blog I put up about the world being more of a computer similation than a reality, like 'The Matrix'. See: http://www.survivefrance.com/profiles/blogs/more-a-case-of-being-switched-off-than-being-hit-by-a-heavenly

Damaris and I have been having a bit of an exchange and have concluded that James is Neo/Thomas Anderson, Catharine is clearly Morpheus and we agree that Sheila is Trinity. We are having a problem with Agent Smith.

This is a bit like Member of the Month, instead this is the Agent of the Cataclysm considering the world ends tomorrow! So tell us now, who would get your vote?

I'm sorry Cate; butyou have been rumbled.

Listen, everyone! after that last comment it's clear that you Cate is the REAL agent Smith and we will have to ask someone to put us through to the telephone operator immediately. Otherwise Smith will stand a chance of killing our real Matrix fantasy world.

Thanks Brian will do so straight away.

Have a look on Wikipedia. There are three films as it is. Some of it is terrible tosh but the science fiction idea behind it is really good.

Me too Johnny and Sheila - never seen it haven't got a clue what it is about, can we be enlightened? I might judge whether it is worth buying a copy!!

Yes, best you choose to become one of the agents that makes it to the third film otherwise it will be shortlived Roger. Then again since they all look alike, you could just keep coming back ;)

Well, there are plenty of other agent posts going. Up for it. May need one to take out people who do not like The Matrix anyway! ;-)

I think **I** look VERY cool in a suit and sunglasses! :-)

absolute bollocks! Oh Cate you got it in a nutshell

Aha, but missing the point John, if scientists are serious about us really only being a great big simulation like the Matrix then we must be prepared ;-D

Right, that's done then. Johnny is Smith, now watch everybody's posts turn into one of his!


Eh Wot Who, I thought it was the biggest waste of electricity since Emmerdale and Corrie tried to watch the Matrix twice gave up both times

Personally I think Johnny would make an excellent Agent Smith ;)

That's it then folk. Sheila in her leathers and husky voice will join in the fight against the Agent Smiths (aka Johnny Summerton). The SFN Matrix will win!

Setting yourself up for Smith with these inquisitions, careful... Imagine, everybody you touch turns into you, an entire universe of Johnny Summerton/Agent Smiths!

Hahahahaha. Just looked at it, Johnny. Not sure about coping with Neo, or more importantly, being able to get into that leather outfit.

I quite like the idea of being "Trinity". I am now practising speaking in a low (don't mess with me) tone of voice and issuing commands. Whilst this is great fun, it is likely to land me in the divorce court! :-)

And I thought SFN-ers were a cultivated lot ;-)

Thank you Neo, good recommendation! Not just bad, but the worst.

You haven't seen it?! Go and watch it now!