SFR cannot order from UK?

Hello SFers

I have just tried to order a 4G box from SFR (no fibre so only option). They tell me that you have to be on the ‘territoire francaise’ to place an order and for bank payment to clear!

Is this correct?

My bank card was refused although it is a French bank account and my bank said they had authorised payment. Apparently the French SFR system doesn’t like this being done from a foreign IP address or something.

We really need internet from the day we arrive but SFR only solution is to wait until we get to France and try to place the order again.

What the heck ?!?!?!?

What delivery address have you stated (ie France or ???)

Hi Stella

I gave them our address in France. They reckon it is because their systems know we are trying to do this from the UK. What a load of poo !

Anyway, in the end I went to and they sorted it all in twenty minutes. The 4G box and the mobile forfait.

Super efficient, I can recommend them (and no problem on payment, went through without a hitch, as it should).

Thanks for replying though

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Glad it’s sorted… these sort of hiccups can be a pain… :wink:

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Why put up with it? keep a vpn handy.
SFR let us know how you get on with them once you become a customer…

That is more than a little bizarre, why not FFS?

Fortunately the cloud server that I rent is physically in France - though so far I’ve only had to use it to get around geographic restrictions on French TV streaming.

Agree entirely, absolutely ridiculous on the part of SFR. Will defo come back to let everyone know how we get on when customers. Thanks for the replies and support!


I’ve come across this issue several times with French retailers. Try to order an item by card, and the transaction fails. It’s not the bank, it’s the card processor that the retailer uses that checks the IP address. It’s happened to me whilst I’ve been in France because I’ve tried to do the order on my PC which is normally connected to a UK VPN.

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