SFR English help line for internet

We have just signed on with SFR for an Internet package through Selectra the compare site and we are having manager issues.
Does anyone have a English speaking helpline number for them?

Found this via Google … may not be much help unfortunately …

Contacting SFR: English-speaking support

application mobile

If you are looking to reach English-speaking Customer Support , the bad news is that SFR offers only very little options - but all are worth a try.

There appears to be an SFR English Helpline which can be reached at 1026 (or +336 1000 1026 from abroad), but from what customers have reported, it sometimes automatically redirects you to the French helpline.

SFR online support in English is quite limited, but you may find some English threads on the SFR forum.

Finally, you could go to an SFR boutique - an employee may be able to assist you in your language.

Thanks tried that one yesterday they said that number was just for telephone?

Shame! Do they have a chat line on their internet service? I find I can cope with that if I have google translate open at the same time and I prepare what I want to say / ask and then warn them what I am doing and put their reply into Google Translate if I haven’t properly understood. It’s slow, but does work.

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If you’re still within your 14 day cooling off period, send it back! SFR are the worst provider going, even more so if you can’t speak French. Selectra say they have English speakers, but only for sales, and that’s if your lucky!
Selectra put us with them when we first got internet. They were an absolute nightmare and I endured months of frustration.
We are now with Orange. They have a dedicated English helpline and we’ve had a fabulous service.

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Whenever I see that or a similar comment, I wonder which universe I’m living in. I’ve also seen the complete opposite - its’s about 50/50.

My own Orange experience has been dreadful, but that was Spain. However, a multintional corporation like Orange will have a ‘corporate m.o.’, like Santander ES and Santander UK. There I was able to A/B the service and both were as bad as each other.

RV at la note on Tuesday, get the keys - I have to choose something :thinking:

Naturally, I can only go by my own experience. The OP was asking for an English speaking helpline for SFR - they don’t have one, despite Selectra saying they do. Selectra are ok when you are first moving to France, but like any other price comparison company, they will recommend companies that are on their ‘payroll’.
The point that I was trying to make to the OP is that they are un contactable if you are not confident with the French language. They have no email address either.

Point taken but as an sfr customer for 15 odd years and about a dozen moves I’ve had no real problems, have used free for one of my kids but he’s come back to sfr (4 family phones + internet/landline) and had orange at work, now Ciel which uses a generique sfr box and works perfectly at half the price of orange pro. They’re all pretty much the same but I can understand that those who don’t speak French/need an English speaking service judge them from a different point of view, and so will have a different take on pretty much everything in France.

Rickspen, pop into your local SFR shop, there just might be somebody who can help in English :wink:

Courage !


For SFR, when ‘resilation’ ing, 1026 put me through a coupe of times to the department, where I got transferred to an english speaking person a few times. And I also went to the boutique (where we took out the service), where a french speaking lady wrote my letter of resiliation for me!

lets see if it pans out…