SFR unable to retrieve telephone messages

does anyone know how to retrieve messages sent to my phone, used access them on the television but not now.

Have you tried accessing them through your SFR account on Internet Margaret?

No I have not but wouldn’t have an idea how to, that was my husbands department.

Do you mean voicemail messages sent to a mobile phone? If so then the website says the messagerie is 123. That makes perfect sense as it’s the same number for my Leclerc mobile phone which is supported by SFR. Here’s the link to the website for you.

If it’s for your fixed line then have a look at this:

You can translate theses pages to English if you are using a normal computer by using the right-click button on you mouse. A box will come up and one of the options is translate to English - this works on my computer.

Hope you can work it all out.

Thanks Mandy it was for my fixed line.

Did you manage to translate the instructions?

From your desk phone, type 147 to access your answering machine.

You are informed of the number of messages present.

 To check your new messages, dial 1.
 To check your old messages, dial

After listening to a message, you can perform various actions by simply pressing a key on the phone.

 Archive a new message without listening to the end: dial 1.
 Delete a listened message: dial 2.
 Listen to a message: dial
 Skip to the following message: Dial the #.
 Return to the main menu: tap the star key *

there are a couple of blanks… perhaps someone can help with those…

Don’t you have any of his passwords? For things like your tax account, electricity and so on? Did he write them down anywhere - many of us do… if not I don’t know whether SFR will give you a new password given the situation. Maybe worth getting a french speaking friend to phone and ask.

I have most passwords for important things but not sfr.

I got the impression from the instructions that dialling in on the landline you would not need the password/code, that usually applies if you are phoning in on another line.