Shake n Vac - French equivalent?

Dear all

We want to resurrect some curtains, last used in the UK 3–4 years ago. They aren’t soiled, just a bit tired looking. Not worth spending the best part of €100 on drycleaning, but washing might be a bit dodgy as they have sewn-in linings.

So I thought of Shake n Vac. A powder that you squirt on and then vacuum off. Friends used it successfully on a moquette sofa they inherited, so hoping it would freshen up the curtains.

But it seems to cost about €8 here in France, more than twice the price in the UK.

Any suggestions? Cheap source for SnV – or local alternatives?



Hi Ken

Fébrèze is the product I think you want. On sale in most supermarkets - there is quite a range available for laundry, linens etc etc
£1.99 (plus any carriage costs of course)

Or the real thing here on

Folks… Ken is looking to refresh his curtain fabrics - Fébreze is specifically for that, cheap to buy and easily found in all the shops … :upside_down_face:

Shake 'N Vac is for carpets. :wink:

but - it’s a mad, mad world - so who cares :laughing::rofl:

Personally, I love to hang things to air, outside, in the open air - nothing better IMO.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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If the curtain material is washable then I would put them through the machine on a delicate or cool wash. If the curtains are just a little ‘musty’ then Fabreeze or a white vinegar and water mix will work well.

I “had” managed to resist - but, well done Mandy - :laughing::laughing:

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:laughing: I used to use S&V many years ago until I realised it was causing a nasty rash on the pets skin!

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Looking back it seems a bit bizarre that we put scented talc on the carpet before vacuuming. It just disguised horrible smells with false fragrant smells rather than actually cleaning the carpet to remove the cause of the smell!


Try frebreeze available in carrefour.

This thread does remind me of traveling on the “Vomit Comet” out of Newhaven years ago. Never seen so much shake n Vac :face_vomiting: