Shared Notaires Fees

We have discovered a misunderstanding… In our early negotiations to agree the purchase price, our vendor and us have realised we’ve both had a different interpretation on what we were actually sharing.

We assumed this infer the entire Notaires costs including all taxes as well as his actual professional fee. Our Vendor has been of the mind that it referred only to the professional fee. <2000euros.

This could be a stumbling block due to the difference. What do others take ‘splitting the Notaires fee’ to mean?


exactly as said

I can’t for the life of me think that the vendor would agree to share the taxes et al on the sale :thinking:

Happy to accept i had the wrong end of the stick.

lest there be any other misunderstandings… with the folk you are buying from…

It might be an idea to ask theNotaire for a clause suspensive (whatever the phrase is) to the effect that you can’t Buy their house until you have Sold your own…

Unless you have sufficient funds to Buy without actually Selling…

just a thought

Thanks Stella. This is already in hand.

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