Sharing my new internet setup

Hi, I thought i would share the solution i came up with for internet connectivity while at our second home in France, we are only here ~3 months a year so preferred not to have a full time connection.

In the end i bought a sim card for Prixtel: Forfaits mobile Prixtel ā€“ Offre mobile sans engagement
it has the advantage that when we are not here the cost drops to 10 euro a month for the first year and then 15, it is also without contract.

I plugged it into one of these:
which autoconfigured very nicely, you do have to put the sim in a phone first and disable the pin code, this is a one time operation.

I also bought one of these and put it in the loft:
this boosted the speed from 30mb to 55mb on the connection which uses the SFR backbone - obviously this will vary according to location.

Lastly i plugged a landline phone into the RJ11 connection on the back of the router and am able to make and receive calls using the sim card in the router.

Iā€™m sure this is obvious to some, but it might help someone to find a solution, it took me quite a while to come up with something that gave me the performance vs price i was looking for.



You are lucky to have 30mb to start with.
We have something similar, although we live here permanently and Jim has made a Yarge tuned to the mast frequency , which is a long way away.

Very useful thank you

No harm in posting but we have several threads following the same.
Leclerk had some quite good sim deals when I was in France.