Do any of you knitting enthusiasts know where i can get a knitted shawl the type once worn by our grannies all i have seen are the fashion shawls

Do you mean a heavy knitted shawl that drapes around most of your body in a triangular shape or a small shawl that was worn around the shoulders and to the mid back. Either way Ravelry have them if you sign up with Ravelry then you can access the free pattern section of shawls and see which one you like. Then contact me and I will help you if I can.

Shops that sell wool quite often offer a 'knitting to order' service, you choose wool, a pattern etc & they get someone to do it for you & charge accordingly - la Maison du Bouton in Bergerac does this. Ask in a mercerie, if it sells wool it might have a network of knitters who will do commissions.

Thanks Jane no i do not knit my mother taught me to sew but knitting and Darning is not my scene i'm afraid

Have a look at the Etsy site on the net.
If you cannot actually buy one there, you should be able to find a pattern to either download or have sent to you.
I am presuming you do not knit yourself, so you will have to find one of us knitting enthusiasts to make it for you.