Sheds & Permissions

We would like to put a small shed near our ‘potager’. Do you need any permissions & is this affected by the size of the shed?

Many thanks T.

Seriously, the best thing is to speak with your Mairie and tell them what you are hoping to do and ask them what they require from you.

Possibly just a simple form for you to complete… possibly something more complicated depending on site situation etc…
but it is always best to be guided by the Mairie.

Depends on the size. Under 5m2 nothing needed unless you are in a protected zone when need to do a declaration. 5-20m2 simple declaration. Over 20m2 planning permission


Many thanks to both of you. I knew it wouldn’t take long!

thanks again T

Just building on the OP’s question (excuse the pun!), does anyone know if an ‘abri de jardin’ attracts additional charges in respect of taxe fonciere?

Heights important - if it’s less than 1.8 metre it’s not counted as floor area …

You’ll notice a lot of 1.8metre sheds on the market.

It’s the get out for the cheap polytunnels as well

Doesn’t that only apply to Loi Carrez and the surface area you declare for selling houses? And for taxes it is the surface habitable that counts, and you don’t live in a shed (or if you did it would be taxed at a higher rate)

On the H1 form that I was recently requested to complete for property tax assessment, the form also asks for areas of outbuildings, so I assume the tax folks also consider areas outside the basic habitable area of the house when they complete their ‘black art’ calculation???

Yes you pay - for everything! But I don’t think a shed is considered the same as a bedroom. Or even a swimming pool, which has its own calculation :rofl:

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Depends on the size, after Sarkozy I constructed a shed and it never occurred to me that it might be subject to law. A friend and neighbour, a local councillor, sometimes would stand in the lane and chat to me as I worked. Then someone mentioned that Sarkozy had increased the permitted size before declaration/permission was required and I realised, with dismay, that my new wonder was even larger than the new regs. :astonished:

Nothing was said, it is still there, but later I wondered if Thierry was not chatting by accident but sent by the Maire to observe. And then they decided that it wasn’t an eyesore so what the hell. :thinking: :rofl: