Shellfish Ban has been extended

T’is the time of year Stella, same when I was ‘harbourbasterding’ we had the same prob’ for scallops :roll_eyes:

Nooooooooo, that will be a catastrophe for my French partner and some of his friends. How they love their shellfish, I remember eating them fresh in Arcachon 9 years ago from one of the’ producters’.
Nowdays I have gone off all shellfish, I think due to the fact that I was very ill after eating something '(shellfishy) that didn’t agree with me a few years ago.:face_vomiting:

Happens here too Ann, with our Moule de Penestin, a summer catastrophe for the producers, and us consumers :roll_eyes:
I was really poorly in 22 with an oyster, the girl in the restaurant, “oh it’s fine”, I was daft enough to listen, didn’t want to seem rude! Spent the night on the bathroom floor, Mrs B daren’t eat oysters, She has an iron problem, a bad one would be v serious apparently, In Scotland, it was red algae was the big P’!