Shepherds hut

Hi, Just started to construct a shepherds hut and planning to install a water supply , drainage and electricity. The idea is that in theory it is mobile, although it will be plumbed into our fosse system. I’m Assuming I have to follow french norms for caravan electrics , so the hut can simply be plugged into an external weatherproof socket. My question is, where do I find the French norms for caravan wiring and the components- are they the same as the UK ( other than the sockets) ? Has anyone else done this/ bought one already built from the UK? I imagine that as we will have to be registered as a gite, you cant just just hook up a UK spec hut and treat it purely as a caravan? Or does it have to be wired as an out building with it’s own seperate consumer unit and earthing rods? I am familiar with French household wiring systems as I re- wired our house to French Norms. Thanks in advance.

Hi Carl… not clear what you are talking about… (eg Shepherd’s Hut in our area of France is usually stone…)

Have you checked with your Mairie about constructing … whatever it is…?? You will need permission of one sort or another…

and if you intend to use “it” as a gite… there will be guidelines and norms to meet… The Mairie will be able to point you in the right direction…

Hi Stella, It is a traditional mobile shepherds hut on wheels, so as it is moveable, there is no need for a permis to construct. It can literally be towed around a field by a tractor or 4x4 but road journeys require it to be loaded on a trailer

Aha… just wondering… :thinking:

Around here things are now tightly controlled… as we have had folk putting caravans and mobile homes on their land… willy-nilly… :unamused:

Look forward to seeing photos of your project… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

The beauty of these things is, as they are mobile, they do not require construction permits, nor do they affect your household tax. As they cannot be towed or driven on the road, they don’t require a carte gris either.

Sounds fascinating… is it in kit form… is there a Link to a web page…??:relaxed:

Heres a link Stella, but I am building my own from scratch

Wow… looks great… :relaxed::relaxed:

They are very trendy in UK.

They are becoming popular in France too! Very expensive to buy, hence why I am building my own.


Before you spend out on building supplies… are you sure you will be allowed to use it as a gîte ?? :thinking:

I did make initial enquiries with the Marie about building it and they had no issues, there are several in Normandy already up and running, but none specifically in our commune. There is a ghastly Mobile home about 3km away which is sited right on a road junction which was given permission as a home, so I don’t expect any problems with asking for permission to do b&b using it.

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I am glad you and the Mairie are talking…

I come across so many Brits who have not done their homework, let alone the paperwork… blithely spending money (often more than they can afford) and then they find themselves in the mire… :zipper_mouth_face:

As I say… looking forward to the photos… :relaxed::relaxed:

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If you wire it to the same norms as your house you will not go wrong. I’ve never owned a French caravan only German ones and their 230v systems were always exactly like I had at home.
I believe the future best seller, How I Shafted Britain, is being written in one.


Does it being connected to water, drainage and electricity somewhat reduce maneuverability?

Not if built like a caravan, with an electric hook up, water hose connection and flexible connection to drainage pipes. But the ldea of portability is really just to get round planning laws in UK and France- lets face it, once it is sited, it is unlikely to be moved.

Just been to the Marie, to allay any doubts I might have had as initial enquiry was for a portable field shelter. There is no problem with construction as long as it has the ability to be moved and is under 20 sq metres. If I want to rent it out, I just need to register with the prefecture to do b&b


Hi Carl - we’ve stayed in one, on Anglesey, and it was great; more to the point I know somebody else here in France that is also getting one ready to let - let me know if you’re interested in comparing notes and I’ll give you their email address in a private message.

Hi Geoff, yes that would be useful thanks

Lovely idea, we’ve stayed in yurts that were great.

Just be aware that it depends how focused your local planners are. A local couple got permission for a temporary portacabin type thing, while they were developing their business. It hasn’t budged an inch (of course!). Apparently the planners are on their backs about getting rid of it as was not supposed to be a permanent object.

It is very visible and pig ugly, and now surrounded by plastic chairs, washing lines and other tut. Perhaps a scenic shepherd’s hut would have been more acceptable and more likely to have the planners turning a blind eye…