Shipments from UK suppliers via UK address

I am interested in buying a wood turning lathe from the UK and having it shipped to me in Trebes (near Carcassonne). By lathe standards, this would be fairly small but still 40-100 kg and probably 1.5 m x0.5m x0.5m

I think I remember reading some years ago that there were places you could have shops in the UK deliver to who would then arrange on-shipping to France at reasonable prices. (Quotes from Anyvan have been up to 3 times the purchase price so not viable). Anyone know what I am talking about and can advise any details

Thanks in advance



if you did not find anyone this guy is good

Thanks everyone for the advice. What is a bit interesting is that there is a site (Anyvan ??) which collects quotes on shipments for you. So far the quotes have started at 350 and gone to 675, both close to or more than the lathe cost. I did find two suppliers who would sell me a lathe and ship it - both at less than 20 and 3-5 days delivery time. Quite a difference !!

George White every time! is also a freight "broker" who fill empty return spaces and I have used them with no worries so far

he is brilliant! Moved me over last year. He prefers pallets though.

Parcel2go is very good in UK

I have used Shiply for this. You enter the details on their website and then you get quotes from several carriers. The idea is to make use of “empty legs” so costs can be lower. Ignore the first few quotes as after a few days they will fall by about 30%. There are several other similar websites but I have found Shiply to be the best.

Parcel2go has a sister site pallet2go, which you could try.

Also I use some-one very reasonable in the UK and can pass his details on to you if you message me...he is reliable, reasonable and legal!!!

I used the services you are referring to but they seem to have disappeared...

You could also try loadup

You can try

they gave me very good price for a trunk from Nice to London.

Hello Steve,

Once you have got the exact weight and size I recommend you try George White. See here

We have found he gives an excellent service at sensible prices.

I believe Axminster tools will ship to France.

Otherwise I use National Pallets