Shipping goods from UK

We are cosidering using a UK company to ship out groceries to us, a couple of times a year. Only stuff we can’t get here or works out cheaper to have sent out and pay the shipping costs. ASDA or whoever deliver to the company and they ship to us for 20% of the value. We’ve checked it out, and for what we want it does work out a lot cheaper. No more sweating at the checkin desk at Gatwick hoping we are not overweight. Has anyone any experience of this service and more importantly do we have to pay any French taxes. It is all for personal use.

We use , they have a huge range and are very efficient and reliable.

we already go to bordeaux

look at our web site
any questions just contact me

Any of theses services deliver to Dax, Bordeaux, Mont de Marsan?

with 7525 you can shop at any store sainsbury tesco waitrose asda wickes screwfix etc not just asda as with the others
so you get to choose, as to taxes no there is free movement of goods within the eec

look at our web site
if we are not in your area let us know and we will see what we can do

certainly would be interested in knowing more

hi there we have a regular service between the uk and france and regularly receive and carry groceries over to france for our customers, perhaps we could help

Depends where you are.Most seem to have regular runs stopping on routes to Angouleme, Bergerac and Limoges. I’ve only found one that comes as far South West as me near Libourne, , but they say they will give quotes for other areas. The site Julie Plowman gave and 7525 give the stopping off points.

Just as a matter of interest does anyone know how far south west these people would travel

There are several companies round here that now do this due to the strong demand! They seem to range from 15% - 25% of the order price and they allow a certain % of chilled goods. In effect they are just acting as a courier as you are buying the goods in the UK and they are simply shipping them - free movement of goods within the EU = no additional costs. It’s definitely worth doing if you shop the offers and local French families are beginning to see the benefits too!