Shop Fitters wanted- Paris region

Must be able to apply vinyl window stickers and must speak French (not English French!!!). I’m not the hiring company, I just said I’d put the word out. Please contact me if you know anyone, and I’ll give further info thanks.

I see what you mean now Emily, it was just first glance that made me laugh. It is great to post all offers as so many people do need a hand to find work so hopefully it will be of use to someone. My husband works for a UK contracting company sometimes and it drives him up the wall that so many of the trades, resident in France for some time, can not communicate with the French tradesmen they are working with everyday.

Absolutely Emily! The problem with lots of businesses started by anglophones in France is that they are often only targeting the Brit based market and there are, rather more French people than Brits in France.....

Quite an interesting one actually from the perspective that I have had French students whose French is really bad despite being French. (That's enough "French" in one sentence - Ed)

Not English French???? Do you mean french maternal tongue? Do windows and vinyl stickers only speak French French? :-) Definite need of a 'smiley' face here as it made me laugh.