Shopping from the UK

Hi to all,

I'm sure some of you miss some of the things you can only get in the UK so below are various infos that I have amassed recently. I won't put contact details on here as most of them are in an email somewhere but if you do want further info, I will be happy to look it up for you :)

There is an anglophone group in the South West called Cafematin. There is a member who makes regular trips to the UK and brings back one or two bags of Tesco shopping for people upon request. They also hold fish and chip nights which are EXTREMELY popular and sell out fast.

Also there are a couple of guys who got to the market in Tarbes (and other places that they would have to tell you about), who make all their own pork products including good old British bangers, bacon, pork burgers etc. They are reasonably prices and happy to bring orders to market for collection.

A friend of mine who has recently moved to the Marmande area orders her shopping online from Asda and gets it delivered to Sterling in Northampton (Haulage company). They then bring it over for her on one of their regular routes and she picks it up near to her home.

If anyone is interested in more info, please let me know and I will dig out all the details for you.

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Hi Barbara,

Not too dissimilar to my last LOL!

If you want to take it further check out the following group (although vanilla ice cream may be a little hard to manage!):

There are all sorts of useful info on there as well.

Best wishes


What do I need from uk?

Robin spray starch

Antibacteria surface spray Dettol

I like picallili and high baked water biscuits...

baked beans in winter.

runner beans and spring greens..sweeds.

English cream when I need masses of it for a party or such.

I tried to find a decent cheddar from waitrose but failed.

I think that is it...

I feel that

bacon is better here.

I wish for decent shop bought ice cream...WHATEVER we buy tastes too waste and

phoney vanilla.

I have tried to convince Kellys to get into Leclerc...THEY say it is too hard.

Well Ben and Gerry and Hugendouce have done it.

Something close to 6 euros a tub....No too sweet.