Short term Internet

Not sure if this is the right group so please advise if not and I’ll repost

My son is going to be in France for just on 3 months working on “Chateau de Cox” so we can rent it out. It is located in Trebes, near Carcassone. I would like him to be able to have Internet while there (if for no other reason so I can make sure he is working rather than relaxing - his idea of a working day is work one hour, drink one hour; work half an hour, drink one hour; work quarter of an hour, drink one hour and so on.

I dont need massively quick but will want him to be able to upload photos and maybe videos as the work progresses.

Any suggestions (especially as we only need it for 3 months)

Thanks in advance


Well, all of the telephone companies do 3G Dongles, but I’m not sure of the contract length. You may well be able to get a pay as you go, which would be perfect for your needs.


sfr has an internet connection w/ phone an TV that you can cancel at any time.