Short-term let wanted

Hello, all. I’ve finally sold up and am poised to make the leap over the Channel. The property market in my area (Aberdeen) has been dire for the past few years and I’ve been reluctant to make any arrangements before I knew a deal was going through. Hence my quiet desperation – I’ll be homeless on April 4. I’ve got temporary accommodation for a while but want to get over there ASAP.

I’m looking for a gite or similar for one person (sadly) near Saint-Aulaye 24410 to rent for three to six months, until I find a property to buy. Size doesn’t really matter but I’d need a spare room/outbuilding to store my stuff, which is mainly in boxes with a couple of pieces of furniture.

I’ll be coming over at the beginning of April to try to tee things up. As an impecunious Scot, I’m hoping to keep the cost down as much as possible, so a luxury villa is probably out. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know if you have looked at leboncoin but I found this. It’s tiny but it’s cheap and it’s furnished. Maybe look at surrounding areas as well by adding more postcodes to the search, I believe 3 is the maximum at any one time.

Best of luck with your search.

Many thanks, Mandy. That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. I’ll check it out. Le Bon Coin was going to be my next port of call. Les Essards is just up the road from where my friends used to live, so I know it well.

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Hi Al, are you still looking for a short term let? I’m in the 16 dept, if you are interested drop me an email & we can discuss in more detail.

Kind Regards, Georgia Barrett

Hi, Georgina. Many thanks for you message. I’ve nothing lined up yet and was planning to wait until I’m over there, probably around April 10, to start looking (I’m an accomplished procrastinator). I’d certainly be interested in hearing more about your property, which is in pretty much the right area.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Al Rogers

Later edit: Sorry, Georgina, can’t find a way to access your email address. Perhaps the “message” button does this. Ah, the mysteries of technology! I’m sure we’ll be able to sort it out.