Should Bears roam freely?

Or should they be restricted to a Zoo ???

I’m in two minds about this as I feel so sorry for them being confined to zoos;
However,last year my, sister who lives in Trento,Italy had to rehome her cat ,and the local association found a home high up on a nearby mountain with a farming family;She was rather taken aback when they said they had to put electric fences around their hives as the local bears made a beeline(sorry ) for them and were dipping in paws for the honey!!
By coincidence,at the same time there was an article in the British and Italian press about someone being attacked by a bear, in the woods around Trento(the man was injured but lived to tell the tale)and also a female jogger
Apparently they had introduced a few bears 10 years ago and now the population has increased so that they are seen quite often.
Well my sister has lived there for more than 35 years and we used to have many a mountain /woodland walk but I wouldn’t feel so carefree now if I knew I might be attacked.
Also I suppose livestock farmers have a very valid reason for not wanting them either.

It is very difficult
 lovely to think of the animals roaming free
 but living alongside them is never going to be easy.

Carol and Stella
I agree with you both. I am never going to see a bear here in the centre of France ( apart from in a zoo) so I cannot imagine how it would be to co-habit with these magnificent creatures.
At the same time were I living in the region concerned then I would be very wary, especially if I had livestock or children, or took long walks.
I suppose also that if we were to look at bear attacks vs humans then the figures would be quite low,but 

I can live without them. :thinking:
They were a menace in NW Canada scavenging in rubbish bins around town, ‘Kittimat’.

Holiday at the family cottage at Six-Mile Lake, Ontario. My first time. My cousins warned me about the local bears and how dangerous they were. (thanks so much)

They got me in such a twitch that, when I heard a loud crashing
of something coming through the trees
 I yelped and ran to get indoors. Everyone else just stood around laughing
 and I peered outside to see several little chipmunks burst onto the scene and scamper around. I felt such a fool


Kit e Kat, love those chocolate bars with my mid morning drink Bill :wink: :bear::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:

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