Should I go or should I stay?

That makes so much sense. Well done for having such a practical approach. There shouldn't be ny difficulty getting a nursing job in UK when you get back there! Whereabouts is your barn? J ust wondering whether I could benefit from the Dress Exchange idea.....!!

Perhaps Eymet could manage a dress agency.

Well Run.

The French country folk are rather laid back.

Hi Carol

A friend of mine is doing quite well with a clothing exchange site. But she is not very techy and is only doing it as a hobby. Her friend who is techy and is doing it full time is doing really well and has a thriving business. Let me know if you want more info?

Fine...Yes lets get down to the nitty gritty.

You need to be here and you need to make being France.

Sadly if you begin a buisness it is not a short lived arrangement it is long therm

unless it fails miserably.

Any buisness in any country requires capitol/pennies.

Although I have memories of things which have happened to collegues and

associates in history whiich defie this rule.

Are you of a catering background with full knowledge of the health and

safety rules in UK ?

I ask you all this and point this out because apart from talking about our

vivid pasts and our awful experiences with builders and related problems we have to have

as back up the matching energy and exsperience.

Yes I mentioned renting as an option probably not the best answer.

I know about large properties....REALLY do...

My clients suites are the size of some London flats.

I have got a buisness idea for you if you have determination and

comitment and some catering, of course the vital pennies.

Could be a franchise...

Coulld be exciting...

Maybe I could help you.

yep....thats one hole I am not prepared to fall into!

don't rent Carol, the legislation is so heavily waited in the locataire's favour, trêve hivernale and all that!

haha! use this forum at your own risk!

yep....wouldnt aim to move to central Newbury where we are now...probably aim for Kingsclere (my husband was the GP there for years)...or one of the other outlying villages...with easy access to Newbury and you live in France or Thatcham?

....STOP just in, Alex Ferguson, last seen smashing his computer to pieces...Has now left, to move to a remote island near Borneo with no electickery. Well done Alex! decision made.


Cyril Vokins!

aha! small world indeed...did my nursing diploma at Newbury Community Hospital in Thatcham...must say..having left London for Newbury 33 years ago...I have a huge fondness for Newbury area and we will return here (especially now they have provided a new shopping area...) something I miss in my part of France..

ok...Barbara I did not want to nurse in France...I knew the expectations having friends who are trying to enter nursing in France; the reason I did a nursing that because I am not in the first flush of youth...and because it would give me the ability to find a job in the UK when we return that otherwise I might find diffult to do......thus...for the remaining time I have in France...I wanted to find something alternative to do...which had less stringent requirements than nursing, it could take years to sell up here...our barn is very large...and the larger properties do not sell quickly...its a big old 5 bed two bath barn with a 40 x 40 grande salon...not everyones cup of tea..certainly not in the winter when it takes some heating! we were told we might get 500 euros a month for the house.....but its difficult to sell when you have a tenant...we would rather sell than rent...we have a flat in Newbury and can spend time in the UK when we want. The rules about rental are also quite stringent in France and we dont want to end up with a property we cant sell because our tenant has rights to stay. We are prepared for anything up to 5 years before we sell...thats a long time to sit twiddling your I am looking for something that will provide me with an interest...thus the catering or dress exchange...

Carole I can not understand why you have asked about

starting a food production buisness or dress exchange here when you are wanting

to continue with your nursing career.

You want to be in uk.

Why not rent your French property and visit here

when you feel like it.

Put all the probs of the past to the back of your mind and enjoy


Thanks Lucy...strangely having lived for the last 30 years in a fairly small market town in the UK..and loving peace and quiet...what do I miss...London! havent lived there for 35 years...but am back in the UK at the mo and loving going to exhibitions, theatres and cinema' the odd restaurant...for some reason I am now hankering for somewhere kids...well two of the three live daughter moves on every two years...she is on her 4th country now and swears she will never relocate back to the UK...which is great..she moved abroad young which is part of the secret. We are lucky..we have a flat in the UK.. so I can come back whenever I want..much luckier than some...the house will sell at some point..good luck to you in the future...


I'm so sorry, I have only just stumbled across your statement. The last time I was in the UK, I witnessed 2 Geordie guys kickin' the Newkie Broon out of some poor kiddie, still, that's Christmas for you.

Here, I live in a holiday town, all candy floss 'n Ambre Solaire, in fairness, I don't go to Toulouse, Marseilles or any other hotspots. So please forgive my generalisations. But generally, I feel safer here. Broadly, if the kids here 'carry' anything, it'll be a comb and a portable. Perhaps there's a problem globally. I have been here 7 years and have not witnessed a café brawl, regular thing in the UK, 7 pints, Slammers, Kebab, fight. Ah, happy days.


Yes at times the French are notorious for blocking qualifications that they recognise but put barriers in teh way - are the nurse posts that are vacant for nurses paid by the state ie fonctionnaire because if they are you can't be a fonctionnaire without being french - the nurse you mentioned just needs to apply for french citizenship and pass the concours like everyone else - those are the rules, it's the same for teachers, I can be a remplaçant for the rest of my life in a state school or titulaire in a private school, my PGCE is recognised no problem as a capes equivilent, it's up to me if I want to make the change, it's the same in Italy, I can't teach in Germany they have different rules and so on and so forth - you want a level playing field when the uk isn't prepared to play ball on so many other things in europe... and how and why is an advantage to employ immigrant staff?

Hi Carol

Sorry to hear that your move to France hasn't worked out for you - and with the economic climate, combined with the "normal" speed of house sales in France it must be very frustrating for you! There are things that I love about being here in France, but there are also things that drive me nuts!! At the moment the good out-weighs the bad, but I am not convinced that will last forever. I suspect we will look at moving back to (fairly) rural UK at some stage in the next 5 years (or so!!)

We have lived in a variety of different countries - US, Belgium, Italy, France and UK. They all have different ways of doing things. They all have some really positive things, and they all have some really negative things. Who knows where we will end up!!?? Hope that you will have some joy selling your house soon!! It only takes one person .... Good luck!

Janet if you dont want to hear it...fine...God forbid there is any balance in the conversation.... I admit we dont like most of it...some bits are great...but it takes some degree of guts to admit you have moved and made a pretty mamoth mistake...I am glad you are not interested in papers Janet...and that you are not interested in the rest of the world and what happens, you obviously have landed in your heaven...but personally...moving to France was never intended to be an opportunity to turn into an insular being with no interest in world politics...sorry...dont think the Courrier holds a light to the Sunday Times!

Think we will agree to disagree...I dont want to work as a nurse in the Dordogne..but I do know a couple of people in my town who do want to work in hospitals.. interesting..they are trained nurses...and are allowed to work for no wages...but even after a year...of full time volunteering...they are not good enough to work in the hospital...though there are a couple of vacancies.....its not a level playing field Andrew..Ive just completed a nursing diploma and worked at a small community hospital in Thatcham...and they manage to sport over 50% immigrant comparing a hospital...quite large in Bergerac with a 24 bed hospital in does that go for a comparison..?