Should time stand still....Or even take a step back

Are us girls too vain or do we need to play with time by changing our faces?

I do remember Lulu ....the singer her early days of dating a Gibb and Ready Steady

Go. She had great energy and I really liked her style but she is changed her looks dramaticly

and her appearnce now is of...perhaps a 45 year old.

Cher, once fairly ordinary became stunning.Goldy Horn's beauty lives on as if timeless and

Twiggy is the same.

However Marriane Faithful the original size eight with a clown white face is now the immage

of many 65 year old women. Beauty often faids and size eigh becomes 16 ....just because

nature has her way. This is the Evening of our day.

Should we defy nature and chizzle and starve our way out of As Years Go by?

My only concession to vanity is having my hair coloured, although as a friend onced called my natural colour "rich mouse" I have been doing it for a long time, and it is not really an age related thing.

Good gracious, we should all be content with what we get and have whether woman or man. Lulu looks so botoxed it is off-putting for me, who despite my years do look longingly at beautiful women still. Apart from that, having all the face lifts and botox treatment in the world does not make somebody live longer, indeed may contribute to shortening lives for all I knoew. We have one innings and that is that, let's take what we get and get on with life.

Barbara,personally, I think Lulu looks awful, the bee sting lips and filled cheeks along with botox look so false, what is wrong with a few wrinkles? It shows that you have lived! The worst sight I ever saw was in USA about 25 years ago. An elderly man walked into the restaurant we were in, with a woman on his arm who had had one face lift too many, skin so tight she had the face of a porcelain doll which would crack if she attempted to smile, or produce a normal facial expression instead of the surprised look that she sported. The man had the proud look of "See what money can buy" about him. My OH bless him said "even if I could afford it, I would never want you to look like that."