Shuffle Dancing

There are dance crazes from time to time but Shuffle Dancing is something I missed - it’s several years old, but I’m loving it.

Seems to feature young women mostly, but the first video incorporates Oliver & Hardy as well.

The second two videos are just a couple of favourites.

If you’re young then dancing like this will give you a really good physical work out. But in my case the word ‘shuffle’ would be as in ‘the old man shuffled along’! Joyful and invigorating to watch and listen to.

I admit to enjoying watching the young ladies shuffle their stuff (are 78 year old men allowed to say such things these days? :astonished:), but to my mind the slickest of all was the bloke in the black hat.

And L&H too of course. :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good beat, looks fun. And the third video has inspired me to to get some of those illuminated trainers in readiness for shuffling out to the garage on those dark winter nights…


Don’t suppose anyone would believe me but at nearly 80 I enjoy watching these young women dancing, thinking how proud I’d feel if they were great grand daughters enjoying life. I particularly like the 2 girls (sisters?) in blue jeans in the 2nd video - get a great chuckle watching them so in synch.

I’d love to see male dancers, who would dance just as well, but with that extra strength and power that comes with masculinity.

The guy with the black hat is real cool! Same style hat as L&H are wearing?

These shuffle dances are ok with a variety of beat. This one has another beat, and more men dancing, but professional men dancers would do better I think, but never mind.

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Just adding back two shuffle dancing videos which seem to have gone missing above - Laurel & Hardy & Haddaway What is Love.

I love it! I am tempted to find some tutorials as you stay in one spot, perfect in the living room :rofl: my new winter exercise,!

Popular in China, for the never too olds…!


Tutorial from the young woman in the Laurel & Hardy video…

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Awesome! I’ll try, but promise not to video myself :rofl:

Spoilsport :joy:


I have had, over thirty years here in France, a hydraulic rowing machine, a static bike and a treadmill to keep fit. And small dumbbells, a treadle machine, a barbell – as well as my bicycle.

The treadmill I use very rarely, if at all now, mainly because I become so dreadfully bored, walking to nowhere I suppose. Tried listening to music on earphones, or to a news channel out loud, or counting down each step, counting heart beats, thinking something through while treading along, all to keep me distracted from the boredom. Gave up!

For me now, exercise is keeping on the move. Going up and down the stairs is an easy one because my computer-space-comfort-zone is upstairs, and the kitchen & toilet are downstairs!

Grass grows so fast and I become paranoic about it because I invariably cut grass when it’s too long or clumpy or too wet, and the sit-on motor mower suffers and has to go to the repair shop - but my new battery driven lawnmower solves the problem, makes me more disciplined, and gives me more exercise.

Our ancestors just walked, keeping slim and healthy, searching for food. My daily trips to the supermarket give me twenty minutes or so racing around along supermarkets aisles! And the upcoming purchase of the ruined barn next door is going to keep me physically occupied, but in a small way, for a while. Will need a small contractor to do the heavy work.

Haven’t forgot your difficult barn what-to-do-paralysis….in the renovation thread…

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We might all be doing the same soon. :flushed:


Diamond Dancers – Gatsby Flapper Dancers. An antidote to shuffle dancing…?

The 1920s – looks like good fun. I’m seeing more of this on YouTube. A comeback?

The Charleston…

When you get to 82 then you appreciate everything prompting the memory back to those glorious days when the ladies danced with men!! , How about this: Les Dawson stand-up routine (The Royal Variety Performance, 1987) - YouTube
Wait for the dance routine.