SI 2009 No. 226

(Linda Pitchers) #1

My username should be “thickasabrick” where tax is concerned so apologies in advance. Husband and I moved to France February 2018 so as I understand it our first tax declaration is due May 2019 (Riberac) and should be a paper return. I have printed off form SI 2009 Number 26 which asks for my French tax reference number which I don’t have. How and when do I obtain tax reference and submit this form? Basic questions, sorry.

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(Graham Lees) #2

SI 2009 is the form France Individual and you need to put your French tax reference on it, for sure.
After you get your first French tax bill (even if it is a zero amount you still get an account paper sent to you) your tax reference will be included on it.
You then need to complete the France Individual form and best take it to your tax office - both parts. The part in French will be retained by them and the English part you send off to the address given in the UK after the French tax office has stamped it.
If you have (incorrectly) paid UK tax in the meantime, you can claim it back from HMRC.
After that , it should be plain sailing :crossed_fingers:

(Linda Pitchers) #3

Thank you Graham. Your powers of explanation are wonderful, I understood it perfectly.

(Graham Lees) #4

You are more than welcome. Hope it all goes well for you and welcome to la belle France

(Linda Pitchers) #5

Hi Graham, you explained when to complete form SI 2009 no 226 and I am cracking on so I can submit it when I have received french tax ref. If you have time, could you help me with a small point please? I have completed Part B sections 1-5 but not sure about 6. Do I tick yes or no? I have been resident in france for tax purposes since 01.02.2018 and have no other property. If answer should be yes, what details on a separate sheet do they require? Sorry for bothering you but any help would be appreciated.

(stella wood) #6

Linda… you need to go in person… to do your first Declaration… at your local Tax Office… ask at your Mairie if you do not know just where the TO is…

Take all your income stuff/personal stuff with you… and they will help you complete the paperwork. That’s what they are there for… :hugs:

(Graham Lees) #7

Have you been not resident for tax purposes in France in any one of the previous four

This is asking whether there has been a break in your residence for tax purposes in the past four years and refers in the main AFAIK to any breaks in your residency to avoid not paying tax in either UK or France and is assessed in conjunction with Q5.

If the answer to that is no, then respond accordingly.