SICK CHICKEN - Please help with language problem

I hope you can help me. I am British, living in Normandy. I can speak adequate French but need additional help. One of my chickens (I only have four and they are "pets" and loved) is showing what my friends on the "Down the Lane" chicken forum think is GAPEWORM. This forum is based in UK. I have looked up Gapeworm on the internet and the recommended treatment appears to be FLUBENVET or IVERMECTIN. I live in a rural area where the vets, privately, laugh at us British for taking our chicken to the vet. I don't care about being laughed at but am worried about explaining what I believe is the problem and getting the correct medication. I am told that this condition can be fatal within seven days. Can anybody help me with translating any of the three words: GAPEWORM, FLUBENVET or IVERMECTIN so that I can get the correct treatment for me poor hen. Thank you very much. I hope I receive a reply.

Ivermectin is simply Ivermectine. Flubenvet here

Thank you Andrew. I went to the vet today and bought some Capizol (as recommended by somebody on this site). People have all been very helpful and I am most grateful. I think I panicked a little when I saw my poor chook gasping. Have not seen her do it today and the Capizol is in their water. Thank you again. June

Thank you Christa. I bought some Capizol at the vets today. Actually, my vets surgery staff are all lovely and my Yorkshire Terrier and 2 cats get excellent treatment. I am glad you don't laugh at the people who bring the chickens in. Perhaps I am victim of an urban myth. Hope so. Thank you again.


Most wormers use the same trade name across europe so I don't think they're marketed under a different name (just googled them and both are mentioned on French sites so fire away with the trade name), as for gape worm try Syngamus trachea. Agree with Christa, you go to the vet for a vermifuge, or buy on line!

Bonne chance !

Thank you Therese. I will go to the pharmacy and/or the vet tomorrow. It seems from what people tell me that Flubenvet adn Ivermenctin eradicate all worms, including gape worm. I hope so anyway. Thank you again.

Hello June, well I'm not an expert on chickens, even though I have 2, but normally you can buy wormers direct from the pharmacy. Flubenvet and Ivermectin are both worm treatments and if you're not confident about asking at the pharmacy you can always order them on the internet.