Sick pay, what are we entitled to?

My husband is off work “Artisan ME” after an accident where he fell and broke his ankle, He has his arret de travaille for 8 weeks. I have sent it to the RSI, but we have not heard anything yet. According to the website he is entitled to around 22 euros a day, is that just him? we have 2 young children and not sure what we can claim, we have been here for 15 years paying into the system. Any advice much appreciated.

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The person to ask about this kind of thing is your local Assistant Social. You can get contact details from your Mairie. More info here:

I hope you get some advice. All the best.


Thanks for that Mandy.

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Hi Anita,
I hope you get something for your sake but I wouldn’t hold out much hope :frowning:
And yes, as Mandy says, contacting an assistant sociale is a good idea.
I was recently off for a month and got nothing from the RSI despite having been paying in for over a decade. James is also off work too now and I am just so glad that we have an insurance policy organised by @fabien that will pay out in the event of us being unable to work.
I have written a post about it here and hope that some of the information proves useful. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


I had a hunch that, as Catherine has confirmed, that us poor prof libs don’t get sick pay. But I have a feeling that artisans do. I seem to remember once coming across this fact and feeling hard done by, but for the OP’s sake I hope I’ve remembered this correctly.


In the last four years I’ve had three periods off work where I had an ‘arret’ and each time I was paid a basic sick pay of around 110/120 Euros per week pretty promptly so I would say to Anita push RSI and don’t take no for an answer. Unfortunately that is the maximum ME’s will get unless they’ve got additional insurance as mentioned by Cat.


As a prof libérale back in 2010 I was offered the 22€. This time they just said ‘no’ - if anyone knows how to argue the point, I’d love to hear?


Thanks, looks like we are too late now to take out insurance for this incident, it is so frustrating as each year we pay around 8,000 /9,000 to the RSI. Yes i know it covers our carte vitale, but we should also be entitled to sick pay when off work for a few months.

Thanks will push for it. It says on the website that we should get something, no mention of paying extra though when you have children to support.

4e cas : pour les micro-entrepreneurs avec chiffre d’affaires moyen de 55 500 €

Chiffre d’affaires annuel : 55 500 € activité de vente de marchandises
Revenu pris en compte après abattement* : 55 500 x (100 % - 71 %) = 16 095 €
Calcul de l’indemnité : 16 095 € x 1/730 = 22,05 €
L’indemnité journalière est de 22,05 €.

Having special insurance is the only way to go if you’re self employed and have any sort of serious accident which means weeks off work. I spent the year before my hip op saving up to cover the three months I had off work as 120 Euros per week is simply not enough to live off, crazy system but that’s the risk with running your own business here.

Prof lib = CIPAV =

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Artisans = Commerçants = (ex) RSI (now URSSAF RSI) = (up to 51e actually)

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Unfortunately in your case @Anita_Lea_Brazier, the first week you’ll get nothing back, and then for the next 7 weeks you can get up to 51€ max per day depending on your turnover so if they told you it’s 22€ I’m afraid that’s it. As @anon92567933 said the best is probably to go to see an assistante sociale because the Sécu can help you unlock a special fund exceptionally (they can pay for the rent for one month for example). I cannot urge to take an appointment as soon as possible if you need the extra assistance.


Thank you fabien, will go and see the assistant social.

3 years ago I had a torn retina and , after 2 and a half months if the Chu not finding it, a different hospital found it within minutes.
After the operation I had the arrête the travaille, i couldn’t see and had to keep my head looking down at all times for many weeks and months where I couldn’t work.
I had paid into the system for over 10 years but had recently moved from the Limousin to the Charente.
When I got someone to fill out the forms for the (arrête de travaille ) it was a couple of weeks later.
The response I got back was refused, for following reasons,
the paperwork was not sent back within 2 days.
I had not been registered in the department for 3 years,
I had not declared enough income,
I don’t remember the 4 th reason.
So lost faith with the system for Autoentropreneurs, as like insurances they always try to get out of it.

The hard life of the self-employed:praised by the politicos for “doing the right thing” – but kicked in the teeth by the system over which they preside.

By my reckoning, if you get €22 in France, that’s €22 more than you would get in the UK.

Back in London I worked as a consultant, had to give up with recurring knee pain – surgery helped, but I still struggled with mobility. Started to bounce back – but then laid low with heart problems: so many “blues and twos” trips to A&E that they knew me by name. (Including three in one week.

So for three years I struggled – a few days freelance work here and there, some of which were interrupted by medical events.

How much did I get from HM Govt: Not one penny.

Now we’re retired, haven’t had any dealings with sick pay – but have to say the health and medical system is what the NHS always aspires to be. Great.

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Well we have received a payment from RAM a few days ago for 271.70
RAM PRESTATION MIDI PYRENEES, No explination/ paperwork. Would this be a part payment for sick pay?

RAM is a health insurance caisse. Might this be reimbursement of medical expenses?

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Presumably you have claimed for something… it is unlikely that money hits the bank account without some sort of trail… :thinking:

So it may not be the RSI Paying us for sick pay via the RAM, and i must still chase them up?