Just in case, like us, you have not been notified Siddalls France have been taken over by Blevin Franks and Siddalls in the UK have been taken over by Ascot Lloyd who no longer have the authority to advise on euro investments with them. If you were unaware of this I would contact your adviser immediately to see where you now stand.


Would that be Marjorie?

We were not unhappy with our advisor and in fact she left the company and set up on her own and we are still with her as she is able to advise us on both UK and France once she had left. We also received the neatly printed booklet but were aware that if we did not use Siddalls’ as our advisors and took our business elsewhere we would have to pay for the book immediately instead of as part of their business costs - if that makes sense.

I mistakenly paid for advice from Siddalls which turned out to be a neatly printed booklet of all the information I had already provided to them ! I should have spent the money on a good accountant in the beginning rather than waste it on Siddalls big bill! Lesson learnt !

I can only totally agree. We originally came out to France with advice from Siddalls, but have now left them because the after-sales service left a lot to be desired.