SIDNEY The Donkey - New Home needed this sweet old Gent?

Sidney is 28 and adores humans…he’s a lovebale standard Donkey and would be great with any other donkey friends. He is entire (still got his bits) so females (Jennys) not recommended unless you intend to breed…he doesn’t like small ponies or anything smaller than him and is OK with my Cob horse, who lm not sure speak fluent donkey…or indeed Sidney speaks fluent horse (a bit like me with French). so another donkey would be ideal

He would be free to the new home and lve had him 9 months. He is excellent with the farrier and is hardy (prefers to stand out in all weathers even though he has a huge shelter to use) He has a good set of lungs on him, so those who love or hate a big manly bray now and again…please note! He loves carrots, apples and bamboo shoots, brambles and anyhting others won’t eat.

He respects electric fencing but it must be on at all times…he will test it now and again…so intelligent with it.

Im in Dept 16. Ill health is forcing me to rehome (degenerative back disease in me

Can we have a pic of you on your avatar please as per our T&C - thanks!

Hé looks lovely and I am sorely tempted but the boss would kill me! X

He needs a home otherwise it will be the knacker man…he needs to go unfortunately !