Signing the Compromis de Vente

Can anyone tell me what happens if you go to the appointment at the Notaire to sign the compromis de vente and you are not in agreement with certain conditions written in it. Is this then discussed on the day and changes agreed or is it a case of making another appointment to sign.
I would ask the estate agent or Notaire but as its the weekend and i only received the document yesterday i haven’t been given much time to consider it.

It depends to a degree if it’s a “standard” clause or an additional clause added in at the request of the seller/agent.

But in general you’d flag it and discuss before the signing.

Its additional at the request of the seller, so if i disagree with something the Compromis can be modified there the same day and signed.

It can be modified but both parties have to agree. Best to get it sorted beforehand though.

Agree, I did not sign my first arranged compromis last year because the builder had omitted to deposit all the paperwork for the water and electricity connections and the Notaire wanted that done immediately so put the date back by two weeks. It was agreed between the three of us at the meeting at the time. Also the Notaire was not happy about another clause that came to light and wanted it ammended. You are the person paying the money, you have to get it right!

Flag it up to Notaire first thing on monday. He or she should be able to tell whether it can be sorted pre-rdv for signing or whether it will need negatioation.