Silkie Chicks/Hens

(damian john farrow) #1

Does anyone in Brittany have any Silkie hens for sale? Must be chicks or young and ideally perdrix, brown or grey.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #2

We call them “poule soie” in french. Here is a link to “le bon coin”
I think there is also a shop in Theix, Morbihan

(damian john farrow) #3

Thanks Babeth,
I appreciate the info though already searching leboncoin each day. We have had poule soie for several years.
The reason I posted here is that we are trying to find perdrix or fauve and they are hard to come by. Certainly on leboncoin they are more often or not white and usually sold as a couple but we have two coqs already.
Thanks again and I will keep looking.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #4

It’s seems that there is a breeder in Besné 44 and Bignan 56.

And also they seems to sale them in this shop in Theix

I don’t know if they are still active, but maybe worthwhile giving them a phone call if you’re interested

(damian john farrow) #5

Heĺlo Babeth,
We went to the shop that you posted a link to, and which my sife already knew of, and bought three hens. They offer a wide choice and the chickens all seemed to be healthy. It is located just off the axe rapide in Theix near Vannes and I would recommend them.
Thanks for your help.