Silly but sore!

Was putting my trousers on a couple of weeks ago, usually do to avoid offence or controversy. When twang happened , I clicked my lower spine and nipped a nerve...Jeeeeex! Been in agony ever since, almost crippled with little or no movement other than simple slow cautious steps, no stretching and impossible to take a soothing bath in case I can't get out again , showers not quite as efficacious...Tempus fugit eh? Rugby career catching up with me? Absolutely excruciating! Anadin Extra, Voltarol Gel , heat pads and a back brace offering some relief , but not much! Soooo, take care out there all you 60 somethings Surviving France, lower back pain is no laughing matter and it can happen in the daftest of ways!

Big match Sunday, can Les Rosbifs do it? Hmmmm! I doubt it...But swing low anyway. Used to round the weekend off at Brasserie Flo in St Denis, but not this year!

Close call!

It's a no-brainer Terry! BUT....Beware the French with nothing "Toulouse"! There's a lot of pride in these players...

Hey, there's an idea. I'll give them a choice between watching Wales thrash France and watching my boiler do nothing.

Hmmmm! Are they rugby fans Terry?

It's so easily done Jane...I'm getting there! But I can honestly say that when England scored their 3 tries it was the first time in living memory that I didn't jump up, punch the air and do a group hug with the other England fans sharing the broadcast!I kept a low profile and had the beers brought to me...

My back partly snapped on tis morning. I was just putting some plates into the cupboard.

Some reiki, a lie down and playing the hot shower on my back worked for me. I was lucky, it could have taken me days to get back to normal.

Would you believe I agreed to open our home to visitors next Saturday so they can come and see our new wood pellet heating system? They may have to do it without me!

The French could well have snatched it, but that would have been a major travesty...Yet again an incomprehensible refereeing decision, featuring the bi-lingual Alain Rolland, he was quite the "martinet" out there! Constantly intruding on the play and taking a leading role...Q : How can he penalise one player with a penno kick for a deliberate knock on and send another player off to the sin bin for the same innocuous crime? It defies explanation, unless you're a conspiracy theorist? Did England upset the script? Think he was looking for a starring role in front of Sarko...The best refs ( imho ) are inconspicuous. Anyway , 3 tries to 1 tells the story. France didn't get off the bus until it was too late. Will they upset Welsh plans for a Grand Slam next week? They certainly have the this space!It's gonna be a great Saturday!

Second that, missed the first half and couldn't believe the score when I got in and turned on the tv, fantastic second half and thank god trinh duc missed the drop ;-)

Couldn't agree more, Keith. Great game shared with my brother who was watching it in Wales and texting me constantly! Now to next week!

How wonderful it is to be WRONG!

Swing low!

Terry...80 gram A4 can be very heavy...I'm just about managing it now! >{;o)) I think France will win , but a good performance from England's young team is essential! Think the experienced Bleus forwards and their rapid backs will have too much fire power for us!I'd be "happy" if we could keep it to a 10 points margin...

Ouch indeed. This from a fellow sufferer. I once put my back out taking a sheet of paper from the printer! Know a good osteopath or chiropractor? Works wonders for me. Sadly Andrew may be right about the Rosbifs but I do hope he's not. My life won't be worth living if the French win.

Ouch! Take it easy Keith, backs always seem to go doing the daftest things, rarely when lifting heavy things though! Some how I don't think les Rosbifs are going to do it, I just hope it's a good match and that I manage to get the time to watch it and the last day of the Paris-Nice (and that Bradley Wiggins is still in yellow of course!)