Silver Jewellery Business

I run a silver jewellery shop and online store in Malaysia. I’m moving to France next year and wanted to set up a small business when I move. I have looked on line for information but just wondered if any of you could guide me on where to start If you have experience. Also I was thinking of a market stall?? As well as my online business and selling from home and house parties. Do people do this in France ?

Which area will you be in?
Most people in the countryside seem to have very
little interest in jewlery so I feel that jewellery parties
may not work.
A friend of mine designs and makes amazing jewellery
from semi precious and precious stones and silver
and her jewels have been seen on Paris catwalks.
She is finding it tough.
Maybe she is too exspensive…maybe.
I would suggest St Emilion…a beautiful town which
is highly populated with tourists and wine chateaux

Hi thanks for your reply. I did wonder. My jewellery is simple and reasonably priced. We buy from Thailand although I also make pieces for customers. I will still keep my online site and see what happens. Just wondered if it was worth setting up a small enterprise.

Sorry meant to say near Civray 86400

ask around in your region.Maybe try a jewlery party for now…just before xmas.

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It shouldn’t be difficult to arrange some jewellery ‘parties’ in the 86400 area, there are plenty of British residents in the area who enjoy getting together. At the Marche de Noel in Charroux, also 86400, there were a lot of stalls selling similar hand made craft works, many of them were British. Hopefully you will quickly find some local contacts.

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The French ladies in my area seem to fall into 2 camps… those who wear old, family jewellery…(a little or a lot)… and those who enjoy modern rings, bracelets and necklaces…(sometimes very modern in style, very eye-catching). I cannot say that a person’s age really matters in this case…not around here anyway… and I’ve noticed (as already mentioned) that the Christmas Markets attract lots of Artisans and lots of interested customers…

Good luck

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Not so friendly with France, but there is a good market in India. I know a brand which deals in 92.5 Silver Jewellery and it is a great example of learning for you.