SIM CARD for Android tablet?

If anyone is out there still prepared to talk to me. I have just acquired a new Android tablette, about which I know precisely nothing. The instructions tell me I need a SIM Card, but neither the local Telecom office or the Post Office can provide one OR even tell me what it is I have to buy.

Any advice welcomed - oh it comes with a wifi connection which seems to work on and off, but only to tell me I am connected but nothing happens after that. Yes I do have wifi on my computer. It also rejects Orange for some reason.

I have alsobeen told that I don’t need a SIM Card unless I take the Tablette outside?

Finally does anyone know if these things can be set up in a shop?

More info required you miserable old bugger - I’m not very good with technology but do have a Samsung galaxy tablet that does not require a SIM. But the Lenovo l had before could be used as a phone if l put a SIM card in it. They can be purchased at places like Boulanger, Darty, FNAC etc.

Hang on Dan I am trying work out which on-screen name to use already - Time Walker, Poor Old Sod and now Miserable Old Bugger!

Do you think these can be ordered online? If so is there a special name for them? Type?

The phrase “if anybody out there is still prepared to talk to me” sounds very much like you are being a MOB - Are you trying to invoke sympathy or get info about a tablet or both?

If you tell us the make and model of your tablet perhaps someone on here will be more than willing to help you😊


Certainly not the former I can assure you, merely a recognition of a situation. No only about the Tablette so thanks for the advice which I will follow up on as there is a Darty in Brive which also does online stuff.


Oh I forgot the model is an LNMBBS

I’m not aware of any tablet that “needs” a SIM card but I had a Lenovo Yoga tablet that took a SIM card to access the internet over the mobile phone system if no Wi-fi was available. It took a standard card available from any mobile phone company or some supermarkets. I don’t think it allowed me to use the tablet as a phone but I could be wrong. Your best bet is to use Wi-fi because connections through the SIM card use up your “data” allowance and this can be expensive.

Norman, have a look on Youtube

You should find the tablet can just connect to your home WiFi.

It sounds as though it also has the ability to connect directly to a mobile phone provider via a sim card which you could use when you are not at home and away from an accessible WiFi point.

It is very unlikely that you have to have a sim card but you can if you want to - I would imagine Orange would have one if needed.

Thank you for the advice (collectively if I may). You have explained the SIM card which was my first concern? I did look at youtube, but found the coverage poor and for some reason mainly in Spanish (which wouldn’t translate).

The ‘manual’ is probably OK but so small I cannot read the text clearly, so out with the magnifying glass! I did also speak to two informatiques who naturally enough I suppose (in a way) won’t do anything on a unit not bought from their store - and certainly not when bought on the internet, which I did find vaguely amusing as I would have thought the internet was a core part of their own businesses.

I will also check with the neighbours and see if they have tablettes and could give me few ideas.


Yes…whenever there is an internet connection …Skype works as a phone for a tablet I believe. I think it works anywhere, I’ve talked to pals in Canada via my android tablette, via Skype. And Skype is very cheap, or free I think, if you have someone contact you from no matter where…

Hi, you can buy a sim card from most supermarkets, newsagents, phone shops etc. There is a sim card remover in the kit-flat prong with finger grip. Somewhere on a side there will be a small hole-stick the prong in & a small tray will slide out. Insert your sim, close up & you should find you can use your tablet anywhere with a decent signal. Yours has twin sim slots so you could by one for UK also if you wanted. Some sims come pre-loaded with an allowance-others you have to sign up on line & pay. Just like a mobile phone sim.

Your tablet has slots for two standard 21x15mm SIM cards, which are becoming rare today. You may need to get a couple of adaptors. They are very inexpensive.

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Thanks Jeanette, I asked this question of the CDiscount advisor before I bought, as I use Skype daily to talk to my friends in Australia, Russia and Germany. They said no problem. Now trying to prepare the manual in a ‘readable’ size! Creating a Publisher document then saving it as .pdf but have noted that now Google Chrome have absconded with that, and although I use Acrobat to save it comes out as a Chrome Web one - although it is still .pdf. I am hoping I can find a photocopier that will print off a flash drive!

Hi Tom yes I found this ‘cradle’ as I called it and was a bit surprised to find that it appaently takes a SIM card and a MicroSD card BUT I thought these latter were of a standard size, but apparently not? One I have certainly doesn’t fit the ‘cradle’.
As I mentioned before the informatique places around here (Brive area) are extremely unhelpful, and even rude in the Caripage one in Biars-sur-Ceré , when you haven’t bought at retail from them.
I am surprised as I would have thought setting these things up for Seniors like me could have been a good marketing possibility?

Thanks Roger I have found this. Please see my notes below (save me repeating myself!)

I’ve lost the plot, a bit…you are all new, to using android tablets? I’ve written this before, I’m sure, but there’s one absolutely vital trick I found, to keep an android tablet. running, when it looks like it has died and been buried. That is never let the “cache* go over 550 (or less)Mgb… If you do, the thing gets stuffed like an old mattress, and nothing moves. So clear it out via the " settings” then “storage”… When you think of it.
I trashed a couple of perf. OK. tablets, because I didn’t know that.
Of course, it might depend on how big your tablet memoire is. I dunno. Just do it.
Yeah, some kind of massive fiddle or screw up with the browsers…
and too many apps. Squeezed in, doesn’t help.
I have never managed to get " flash drive" to work at all, so good luck with that. You have got it working OK with a WiFi printer I hope?
That was another thing that seemed like a curse…to begin with. But you just have to get the best app for your android, and let it tell you what to do. You have to be quite close to the printer, was my experience, or it keeps saying you haven’t got a printer at all. Till you swear at it and smash it with your brick hammer.
Then it shuts up and gets on with it.

It relies upon the tablet. It could possibly have a SIM space. So you have to check the tablet specs on the off chance that it has SIM card space.

On the off chance that it says 3G or 4G or LTE, at that point it acknowledges SIM card and has SIM space.

On the off chance that it says Wi-Fi just or 3G through Dongle, at that point it doesn’t acknowledge SIM card or doesn’t have SIM card opening.

On the off chance that your tablet is wi and cell model, yes you need to advise your mobile phone transporter which tablet you have, so they can supply you with legitimate sim card. In the event that you take your tablet in to a best purchase store, they will sell you the best possible sim card and introduce it for you.strong text