Simon's Cat in 'Double Trouble'

I love this one too!

but they are all superb observations.

'Simon's Cat' are great animations - and the sound effects are good too! Who would think they get up to all that - when we've been out for hours and return home to find them on the same cushion!

I have loved Simon's Cat for many years - these two are exactly the behaviour of our cats - especially the computer one !! There is an earlier on where the cat climbs on the bed and is hungry, and when the human won't get up, the cat hits him on the head with a club !! - I am just grateful our cats haven't seen these........ There is also a load of items for sale relating to Simon's cat, on the website - so far I have resisted temptation - but watch this space ......

Love it !!

Here's another funny one Jean!

Oh love it - woke up this morning feeling groggy and bad-tempered and within seconds of watching this was laughing out loud, any more where that came from?

This is probably my favourite Simon's Cat episode so far :)

They just keep getting better and better!!

big fan of this guy's work - he obviously knows cats very well!!!