Simple online options for editing images

(Craig McGinty) #1

YOU can easily upload images of France to the network, but it will help greatly if you edit them a little to ensure the file size is not too large.

A service I have used for quite some time now is Picnik as it offers you a vast array of editing tools, from simple resizing of images to adding text and removing red eye.

There is a free and paid for version, but the free one will most probably be sufficient for most people

Another handy service is Web Resizer which reduces the image size to ensure it loads quickly, or maybe you want to crop a pic to focus on a key element.

The site lets you do this, without having to install any software, all you do is upload your photograph from your computer, resize or crop your image and save it to insert into your website.

For a comparison of other tools see Online Image Editors Compared.

As a quick aside and straying back to the desktop, I would also recommend PhotoScape as a simple, lightweight image editor, which will let you edit pics without having to be connected to the internet.

(Craig McGinty) #2

Hi Jeni,
You are right, Picknik has linked up with Flickr letting you edit photos directly.
All the best, Craig

(Jeni Middlehurst) #3

Thank you for that. As you’ve probably noticed, my mind goes blank when it comes to uploading and downloading. I’ll difinately have a look. I think I saw Picknik on Flickr, which I’ve sort of worked out.