Simple pull wire assembly for securing external wooden shutters from the inside

Hi all,
Does anyone know if the simple pull wire assembly and fittings for securing wooden shutters from the inside are still available anywhere? All of mine are either broken or completely siezed up with years of old leaded paint!

Hi Trevor… and welcome to the forum.

I know that our local hardware store “quincaillerie” stocks an amazing assortment of bits and bobs, their idea is to mend something, if at all possible…

If you have such an “Aladin’s cave” near to you, I would take a look.

Might also be helpful, if you can take a photo to show to them what you are seeking…

Hi Stella,
thanks for your response. I’ll take a look. Currently I’m still in the uk but will be going to our home in 89 (Vermenton) this coming weekend. I’ll take a look.

I can’t visualise the fixing that you are talking about… but if you can’t repair it, perhaps you can find a suitable alternative/replacement closure …

best of luck

I’ll take a photo this weekend and post…

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Or a “tire volet battant”, like this…


Generally quite a few options sold in quincaillerie or places like Leroy Merlin

Thanks Jane, the option I require is for keeping them in position once closed. Sorry, I didn’t make that clear.

So this sort of thing?

Hello Trevor,
I should think you’ll find something like your looking for in either a brico type shop / Weldom in Auxerre / Avallon or there’s a Bricorama on the right when driving out of La Cour Barrée on the way to Vermonton from Auxerre, if not a quincaillerie in Auxerre / Avallon / Clamcey.

There’s also a hardware shop in Avallon called Delprat which seems to have everything

We have metal shutters and wedge them tight with corks.

Hi Warren,

Thanks for that. Yes I know Bricorama near there.