Simple way to keep your cereals fresh

We always have problems keeping cereals fresh or even preventing messy accidents like spilling the cereals all over just because the cereals box was not close properly. My husband came out with an idea for closing the cereals box that I thought I should share with everyone of you.

When the cereal box is wide open,

Fold both ends slightly in the shape of V

Unfold them and fold in both tiny flaps on the left and right hand side of the box.

Your box will looks like this.

Now fold in one end of the flap and use the other side of the flap to slide in as a closure.

Voila! Your cereal box will then look like this. Close much better than the useless manufactured slide that tears easily and much neater to stock.

Hope this makes your mornings more cheerful!

Thank you!

Love it ! Brilliant idea - well done for coming up with it!