Simply 25 of the funniest placards from the People's Vote march


This was seen en route to the march…

I know it’s below the belt (sorry) but if you are squeamish, look at the picture and don’t read the words…
There! You have been warned.


As seen in Christchurch at the students’ march for climate change, a couple of hours and a couple of kilometers away from the fated mosque. Such a peaceful, happy, and amusing event - how dare that man destroy such a day.

We were in lockdown for 3.5 hours, thankfully in a pub…

I can’t remember exactly which March I noted this one and sorry I don’t have a picture, but it was of a Young lady, very intense carrying a placard which said
**‘Save our Ducks - ban Duck Tape!’
I am almost certain it wasn’t a joke, but she really meant it.

Somehow highlighted the IQ of many who participate in these things?

Of course in reality they are all basically street theatre aren’t they - with the fond hope they might be ‘seen on the telly’?

Gosh Norman I’m surprised at your courage posting the above on a french forum.

You’ve just called most of my in-laws and all my children stupid. This is the land of manifesting where it’s seen as essential to ‘sensiblise’ the authorities and where it works.

You also remind me of Blair in the lead up to Iraq when he dismissed the biggest anti war rally of that time as ‘not democracy’. That was the point I lost all faith in him.


Rather condescending Norman; I’d have assumed it was ironic.

I was reading this thread upwards and it was this joke line that just caught my eye at first - but Norman, it sooo obviously is a joke…

Thanks for posting - really enjoyed these - and it’s great that (some) people in the UK are preserving the renowned British sense of humour even in these dark days!