Since the end of 2018 there is a zero tolerance policy for unregistered foreign vehicles

Mine is a Honda also so probably the same issue.

I made 4 attempts last week to register our UK car. I was finally sent an email which contained a phone number so I could actually speak to a human being! The advice I was given, in case this is of help to someone: Don’t use Google Chrome and give the documents short titles (eg CT not controle technique). I had given long names (to be sure they knew these were our docs) - our surname, the make of car, and then what the doc was. Changed all the titles, used Firefox and bang, application accepted.


Hi everyone, the creation of this FVA lasy year, that police can consult since january is not meant to search for vehicles that are registered in the UK and insured in France … It is meant to let the police know, for a certain vehicle they are checking, if the vehicle is insured - as too many people drive with not insured vehicles. That is the only objective of this FVA which means Fichiers des Véhicules Assurés (insured vehicles record).
As the police in France is not connected with any vehicle records in the UK, the police tend not to do anything about your UK vehicles as they know they can’t fine you by postage (not having your address), or eventually just if they stop you.
If they really stop you and see your vehicle is insured in France, thanks to this FVA, then they’re happy to see you’re insured ! They will ask you to re register your car in France though, explaining you it is by law once you decide to have your residence in France. There is a time frame within which you have to do it so they might ask you to go to the police station as soon as you’ve re registered it, simply. No drama ! Nelly - helping you navigate the French administration - 06 2213 0801

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The original Post is aimed at folk who have not, yet, Registered their vehicles in France… and there are many who fall into this category.

It is a good thing IMO for folk to get a move on and Register their cars… before… they get caught out… :thinking:

Hi @Nelly-from-DMB, you’re right to point out that the FVA is only meant to check on the insurance status in France BUT when someone is controlled by law enforcement and they see he/she is insured in France while bearing British plates they may dig deeper (usage of may because it depends on the kind of control, highly unlikely for automatic controls but much more likely if you get pulled over). I’m with you though as, like with many things in France, it also depends on the officer that pulls you over… if you’re lucky and get someone who isn’t too meticulous then you’ll be ok but if you’re with the brother of Judge Dread… well, dreadful might be the appropriate word for the experience that is to come next :wink: