Since the end of 2018 there is a zero tolerance policy for unregistered foreign vehicles

This subject comes up time and time again in different discussion threads so I thought it was worth a post!

Since September 2018 a database known as the FVA has come into being. Basically this means that if you are involved in any kind of accident / incident (speeding, get flashed or just pulled over to have papers checked), your details will be cross referenced with the database. This will reveal the insurance start date so if it is an imported vehicle that has not yet been re-registered in France, you will be seen to be committing a crime and dealt with accordingly. There is now a zero tolerance policy for unregistered foreign vehicles and insurers are aware of this. In turn, this means that if your insurer is subject to any kind of professional audit, they will not hesitate to remove your policy from their portfolio.
Insurance cancellation like this means subsequent policies will be much harder and more expensive to obtain.
Until now unscrupulous insurance agents have been happy to take your money and turn a blind eye to those still driving on UK licence plates several months later. They may still well be happy to do so but please bear in mind that if you get caught, it is you not the insurer who will have to deal with the subsequent fallout of a criminal conviction and / or the expense of obtaining a new policy.

Apologies for being the voice of doom (!) but better to be safe than sorry!

If anyone is having problems registering their UK vehicle, or would simply prefer someone to do the job for them, @fabien and his team are now offering this service.


I didn’t know @fabien was now offering to register cars - I will have a chat to him.


Yes - due to popular demand!

I do wonder if it would be more efficient for me to just empty the entirety of my bank account to @fabien (3 policies in the last month!)

I wonder can he arrange electricians, plumbers and plasterers?!


It’s a bit like that in this house too - he has all our policies and they are numerous! But having just been notified of a refund today of 1850€ (more on this later), I am incredibly thankful for the day @fabien first entered our lives !


Ah ah, unfortunately I don’t do plater walls nor plumbing (and not even electricity) BUT I’m all ears about your bank account if that’s more convenient for you I’m glad to be at your service Mat… as always :stuck_out_tongue: (for potential readers => this is just me trying to make jokes obviously but as I’m French it’s only doing the desired effect like 10% of the time :wink: )


And now I’m blushing :blush: … does that mean I’m entitled for a free beer (or coffee)? :wink:


Absolutely! Might even stretch to champagne after today’s result :slight_smile:


On my way… :wink:

Well I’m getting there - All docs gathered, but the car failed CT on 2 points and I have work booked in soon and also booked for re testing. Then I have someone to help with the re registration. Phew!


Don’t give up you’re almost there indeed :wink: Good luck on the finish line :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you!

You can start the registration process with a failed ct if its something minor I think. We have 2 months to change our fog light and started registration 2 weeks ago.

Thanks, I have it all booked in to do it all on 20th.

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Did it fail because the fog lamp was on the wrong side?

(just asking as I may have to change mine)

Yes. My husband thought we had two and they even chkd before ct but he was wrong. Tomorrow it is being swapped with reverse light so just move red backing and rewire. We have ct until April to give us time to do work.

No, as I seem to have 2 rear fog lights, but my husband reckons his Honda will fail on that. It failed on the rear brake cylinder.

Mine didn’t fail last time but there was an advisory for the fog light. It will be done in time for the next CT in August.