Has the Trump achieved anything?
Other than than raise K’ J’s World profile ?

Listening to the news-I don’t think so. Signed a bit of paper which means nothing-witness the Munich agreement. What I don’t understand is the US as keen for everyone to de-nuclearise --except them. A bully with a big stick is what the US is.

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Reports are that that US is going to cease military ops with S.Korea.

If, as this BBC article suggests Kim still harbours intentions to “re-unite” the whole of the Korean peninsula I’d I’d say that was a big win for him.

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I know I’m in the minority but I like DT simply because he’s a basket case, has shaken up politics in the US and is causing the rest of the world to have nightmares.:grinning:

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As you say Tim, I do hope you are in a minority, I detest ‘it’ :unamused:

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All the ‘it’ has achieved is, made a Dictator look like an International Statesman and confused his own military forces, what a ???k

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Trump seems to have offered a significant prize for little or nothing in return.

History alone will tell us whether this was genius or foolhardiness.

Genius :rofl:

I was in the US when he was elected and on a visit to a popular tourist attraction called ‘The Little White House’ I bought a couple of DT election fridge magnets which did not go down with the ladies who worked there, they’re proudly adorning our frigo much to the annoyance of my OH.

As for ‘what has it achieved?’, way too early to tell but Donald does deserve credit for calming fears in the region.

Really Happy I’m not in the Region, feel for your OH too! :thinking:

Although I’ve made dismissive comments about DT I’m coming round to the view that there is something akin to creative genius in his approach, and that there may be a method to his ‘madness’ that will change politics-as-usual in our lifetime.

Hé is capricious and unstable by some standards, but there seems to be a popular appetite for less stuffy, steady-as-we-go stability and more crazy wisdom in world affairs. Maybe, as W B Yeats predicted, the Second Coming (The Second Coming (poem) - Wikipedia) is at hand…:thinking::no_mouth:

He’s also light on detail, can’t see past his own ego, hopeless at international relations, can only dominate - not negotiate (witness his failure to get “trumpcare” through), protectionist, and for a billionaire financially naïve.

I’m not sure, when the dust settles, he will achieve much that is lasting.

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He is simply, an egotistical, macho, ignorant, insensitive, nutter.
Leader of The Western World !
OMG, Help Us!
Not an atom of religion in me, so that is a really desperate plea.
Really do detest ‘it’!
Anything ‘it’ achieves, will not be even slightly positive.

Not a fan then?:grinning:

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OK, so those are his good points…

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:rofl: :+1:

You’re all being unfair, Donald is simply misunderstood.

:roll_eyes: :unamused:

Some might see your comment as a sophisticated wind-up, Tim, the more discerning as a well-judged observation that will stand the test of time. Or both, which is where I position myself :wink:

The trouble is we judge DT based on what we expect of our politicians, things are so much different in the US where they are much more forgiving. Can you imagine any serving UK prime minister surviving being publicly ridiculed for lying about having ‘sexual relations’ in No.10?

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