Single woman with small dog need to move immediately - Castlenaudery Toulouse area

6 week rental of lovely village home with pool has become unlivable due to construction workers overtaking the home. I need to move ASAP to find a place in Carcassonne,
Mirepoix , Toulouse area for 20-25 days–now to June 20. I am a tasteful, single responsible, professional woman who needs a pleasant place to live for this month of sabbatical, where I can read, rest, write, make myself a cup of coffee and use the internet and enjoy the beauty o f the South of France. Less than 8% availability on advertised sites (Booking, AirB&B, House Trip VBRO etc) Any one have an empty house, apartment, living space and want to make money without advertising fees ? Have little 4 kilo very well behaved non shedding Havanese companion dog.