Sir Patrick Moore - his novels for young people

Patrick Moore who sadly died today at the grand age of 89. He will be remembered obviously for his Sky at Night programmes and astronomy.

I wonder though, if others remember him the way I do. He wrote one of the first books for young people I read, between about 10 and 13, I'd say. 'Mission To Mars' (1955) 'Domes of Mars' (1956) and 'Voices of Mars' (1957). They were my brother's. I must check he still has them. I remember them as a great read.

Anyone else read them?


I only rediscovered my copy of the Domes of Mars a few weeks ago and have yet to reread it but was impressed by the quality of the binding and construction of the book. Burke did a high quality job in the fifties and all for a NBA price of 3s/6d (mine is the cheap Falcon Library edition).

I've just found a tattered copy of Mission to Mars, 1955, published by the long since extant Burke who did such wonderful children's adventure books. Thank heaven my mother didn't chuck that away! Yes, three greats, Niemeyer was 104 though, but all a fairly long innings for all of that.

I've got Mission to Mars and The Domes of Mars. Dave Brubeck,Oscar Niemeyer and now Patrick Moore what a week.

I don't think I even knew that he had written books for children! I wonder whether my son would be interested in them! If they aren't in print now perhaps they will be reprinted some time early next year! Or I may have ask friends to trawl the second hand bookshops in UK to find copies!! RIP Sir Patrick.

I know nothing about astronomy, nor am I interested, but when he came to do a paper in Cambridge I was there whenever I could be. He was hilariously funny and took all of the dryness out of stargazing. Farewell old fellow!