SIREN with nonexisting SIRET

An electrician who sent me a devis has the SIREN number, obtained when he started his business many years ago, near Paris. Then he moved to Nice and there is an Extract Kbis confirming he moved to Nice. But when I search SIRET fron the devis, with the last five digits, it doesn’t exist. Should I still trust this guy? Are these last 5 digits essential? Will insurance verify them, in case of a problem? I live in apartment, everything done there should be fully legal for insurance purposes. I do not doubt his qualification, just his legal status.

You can check with the local Chambre de Métiers to find out his legal status regarding his SIRET number which must be published along with his TVA and Insurance details on his letterheaded paper. Just because you cannot find anything online, it maybe in the mix somewhere. Have you checked the following - InfoGreffe, La Socièté, Verif and other legal sites. Sorry its been many years since I dealt with such things and forget the names of those companies but InfoGreffe is trustworthy.

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Yes I did, and the last 5 on these sites are different from what I see on the devis.

I think you probably need to ask him to confirm his registration details, and his décennale at the same time.


I did, he sent me his Extrait Kbis confirming the transfer, but nothing about updating of his las 5 digits. I’m still waiting for his insurance info. Somehow everything is very slow here. I have to learn how to be slow.

Stay slow. It seems to stop a lot of mistakes here.


Thanks! I should definitely reflect on this ). My notary was very slow (sale took 7 months). I was on my heels, but as a result, I transferred money at the very moment when euro fell below USD. Saved 10+% on this. :slight_smile:

Seeing his valid insurance is much more important. Ask him to email the attestation etc. It should not take time.

I always got my insurers to email me a PDF version of my attestation & policy every year, which made it very easy to bounce that on to clients i.e. no need to scan the tedious paper version.

Do ensure that the assurance is valid during the dates that the work is done & in force at the date/s of the facture/s.

Asked. Never received. Said him a nice polite good-bye. I don’t understand how it can be a problem to forward the insurance to a customer. They forward RIBs right away.

It should be marked on his official paperwork and often with the insurance company name. When OH first set out beg of the 90’s here, there were only a couple of specialist Décènnel insurers then and it came with reams of papers, copies of the policy to send to the clients and we paid over €10k/years because of a lot of specialist work OH did. Eventually just before he died, things changed, we found a cheaper insurer and did not have to send the policy out to the clients, it was marked on our paperwork. If this artisan is not forthcoming, it smells of a rat to me and don’t forget they do get dropped by insurers or he may not be bothering because of the extra expense. Make it a condition that you do not sign any devis unless you have insurance details up front.

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Thank you so much!