Siret Numbers

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I have been offered to do some work in France and off the back of that I have got more work, with the potential of making it a proper business. so I have a few questions… 1) Do I need and how do get a Siret Number? 2) Do I need a fixed address in France for a Siret number or could I rent a virtual office? 3) What are the costs involved? any other advice would be greatly received and thank you in advance, Regards Chris

So this is work you are planning to do, in both cases? You haven’t actually done any yet?

I think you need to go and register at the Tribunal de Commerce and have a chat with the Chambre des Métiers but I am sure someone who knows better than I do will be along soon.

You don’t say where you live - or anything - or the type of work.

French resident - then yes you’ll need a SIRET and the route is dependant on how much you’ll earn and to a degree the nature of the work. Probably the Autoentrepeneur route

EU resident and not intending to live in France permanently (or for more than 6 months) - then in most cases you can do the work as an EU national under local tax laws.

There’s a few niggles based on type of work. But residency is the key bit really - I lived in London worked all over Europe and was always paid/taxed in the UK - moved to France now anything in France is via the AE.

Sorry haven’t been on line for a while, Yes this is work that has not been done yet, and I live in the south of England and wit the way things are going will probably do work all over France.

I run a home improvement company so design of bathrooms, kitchens etc and then project managing them to completion.

any further advice will be very helpful.

I think that for the moment the only sound advice is to wait until Brexit is sorted, because until a decision has been made on freedom of services you won’t know what will be possible in the future and what won’t. In the case of a hard Brexit or any other kind of Brexit that puts a stop to freedoms of movement including services, doing what you propose would be difficult. In the event of no Brexit or a Brexit that continues freedom of movement including services you would follow the current procedures, ie declare yourself to France as a posted worker on the SIPSI system, jump through the relevant hoops (which to answer your original question, don’t include getting a siret number) and obtain the relevant posted worker paperwork from HMRC. That is the route you would follow at present, but what will happen going forward is anyone’s guess.

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