Sit on mower

Hi there :wave:
Looking for a sit on mower for my old man . If anyone could Recommended any would be much appreciated. We are in Notre-Dame de touchet Mortain

I bought one a couple of years ago - our local dealer was happy to negotiate on price.

If buying now I think I would probably buy a robot mower instead - the Husqvarna ones now are mighty impressive and a similar price to a ride-on but obviously they do it for you and when you are on holiday etc.

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What kind of area are we talking about, is it open pasture, hilly, borders etc.

It’s over an acre with a hill of about 45 degrees and boards :+1:

I wouldn’t fancy that on a tractor! We have one part which is about 20 degrees that is referred to a suicide corner!

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I would need about 3 miles of cable for that :yum::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The local dealerships install it for you - they have a walk along cart that does it.

Next time I will get one.

I went to buy something off leboncoin recently at a house with a large garden and I spotted they had a robot mower - in my best broken French we spoke for about 30 minutes about it - I was very jealous of the condition of their lawn compared to the state of ours.

Back to tractors though…

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Buy some goats. As Mat has posted, 45° is too much for a proper, well balanced tractor and would be suicidal on a top-heavy ride on mower.

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Never traverse a slope, only travel vertically up and down. But 45degrees is strimmer territory.

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Hi guys . Thanks fir the heads on . We do have cows :cow2: come on from time to time . And iv bin a bit mist leading it’s only on just over a quarter of the land is hilly the rest is flat :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

Self propelled mower for the hilly bits, ride on mower for the rest.
I have a couple, but the newest is a Alpina AT3 98A, I looked at Stiga the parent company but the Alpina are basically the same mower but between €3-400 less, so basically your paying for the Stiga name.
I use a 21" and 18" cut self-propelled mowers for any hilly bits or the bits the ride on finds difficult and due to a couple of the paddocks being quite wild at the beginning of the year with nettles and brambles, I cut with the self propelled and wheeled strimmer first and then the ride on mower the rest of the year.


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If you’re using a ride-on mower on any sloping surface, get the agri-pattern tyres fitted on the rear wheels.

The block pattern ones are rubbish on anything but a flat, dry lawn.

This is what I cut my field with.
It’s on a mild slope, & all wheel drive would be much better & safer.
But next year, plans are afoot to turn the upper field into a rewilded flower meadow, with fruit trees ; whilst the lower part will remain veg & garden.

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