I’m beginning to get the feeling (I may be just getting nuttier) that we are being conditioned into a state of anxious uncertainty by Cummings, anticipating a paltry tid-bit of information, tongues hangig out, drooling, panting, eyes fixed on The Master’s hidden Fingers, tail spasming with suppressed eagerness…

"More information later this week, in a few days time, the Minister will make an announcement shortly, the House will be told in due course, at an appropriate time, a statement is being prepared, the Prime Minister will no doubt make his views known at the right time, when we have had time to scrutinise the proposals, when the data becomes available, when I have had sight of the document to which you refer, you’ll have to wait and see, I note your impatience but I must remind you there is no Silver Bullet… on July 24th…as soon as possible. "

It’s definitely a subtle behaviour-modification strategy, I call it the Sit-up-and-beg, “Good Dog!!” or’ Bonio’™ strategy, and we’ ré all hooked on it. :hugs::scream:

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Stay tuned to this channel and await an important announcement from our Great Leader!
We don’t know what the F… we are doing, so give us a couple of days to work something out.


I sensé it is more subtle, considered and sinister than a mere distraction technique, but I take your point @Mike_Kearney👍

Boris and most of his cabinet may be bumbling idiots, but Cummings isn’t and he choreographs the media output. He’s giving the 'intelligentsia the shit-finger.

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In my experience cock-ups are more common than conspiracies!

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Isn’t it more that things are trailed to get a feel for likely response, so they can be changed if reqction too negative among home county tory party chairmen?

It does make you think about shutting the door after the horse has bolted - - but in this instance the horse bolted so long ago it has since that the horse is now the chewy ingredients in a Fray Bentos pie and the barn has been successfully converted into a rustic 2 bed pied a terre.

It is all just another example of Cummings getting spaffed up the wall.


I’ve no doubt, old son, but don’t let your impressive experience dull your faculty of incredulity. Cummings is often two steps ahead of his critics, he must not be under-estimated. He can deal with all the ridicule heaped on him. He practises revenge with knobs on. He already has claimed more scalps than probably any modern politico in our memory.

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If trailing to check out the popular response is overused I reckon it is soon recognised as a ruse by the masses, and becomes discredited.

But the technique of delayed gratification does induce passivity, bewilderment and increased tractibility in most people (and dogs?). More susceptible to manipulation and ready to snap gratefully at scraps.

Cummings is not a novice in the dark arts, and he has several who are part of his coven who are similarly inclined. No push-over IMO. And I dare say he has several matryoshka premiers he can uncover “when the time is right” to defenestrate/un-cap the current hollow painted wretch. :thinking:

I’m a great fan on Hanlon’s Razor (never ascribe to malice that which is explained by incompetence).

The fact that leaks and snippets cause general unease is a useful side effect but I suspect the underlying reason is half the fact that they want to see how an idea is going to fly (this, I think, includes putting the opposite idea “out there” and seeing if that falls flat on its face) and about half because they honestly have no fecking clue what they are doing.

More on the no fecking clue - I see that we’ve climbed down on the Huawei issue because of “security concerns” and UK operators must remove all Huawei kit from their networks by 2027.

This is clearly us being told what to do by Washington - so much for sovereign independence eh?


True, my lord, but palace plotters often end up getting the chop!

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Hahahaha! But maybe he’s got a flight out to the Pentagon on a Marine Corp chopper courtesy of the Big Orange One.

Many have crashed in flames in the court of the mighty Trump!

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I like the Russian philosophy of 'Totalitarianism tempered by Assassination.

Amazing that the rather nice Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev is still alive, age 89. First and last of the nice guys!


Nice to know and, for a clean-living and hard-working guy, a good return on the investment he made in his health. I expect Madam Gorbachova played a key role in his fortunes.

But amazing? No, gratifying will do for me. At a push, mildly surprising. :neutral_face:

Late 80’s, I was staying at the hotel Mezhdunarodnaya in Moscow , found out that Gorby has his own sauna suite in the basement, complete with personalised towels and bathrobes. He wasnt there, but the door wasn’t locked so it just had to be used. Got chucked out eventually , fortunately by hotel staff and not KGB.


Months ago the UK security forces announced that there wasn’t a security problem with Huawei (‘the lads’ -as they say in Newcastle’s Chinatown). Now ‘security’ is being used to cover up yet another example of the UK becoming Trump’s poodle. Taking back control? And all those great deals that post Brexit UK would negotiate with China…?

Huawei or Trump’s way? Pretty clear.

It’s a nice slogan. But the cooling of relations over Hong Kong has to be taken into account when deciding if the UK can be dependent on them for the installation and functioning of a vital communications system.

I’m not sure about that. As far as I understand, the security service’s decison is a purely a technical one, whereas the government"s actionsagainst HK are a pragmatic combination of the economic and the political.