Siting an air source heat pump

Lots of arguments here about Air Source Heat Pumps.

Option 1 - site the pump in full sun as this will require the least effort from the compressor to achieve temperature.

Option 2 - site the pump in the shade. It doesn't need to be in the sun to work and in full sun the case will overheat and all the internal components will wear excessively.

Does anyone know which is right?

As ever, all replies greatly appreciated.

Good thought. I'll try this setup for a year and take a look at the actual costs then.

Martin could you put a reflective stainless steel sun shade just over the pump to prevent the direct sun from over heating the compressor and electronics?

"Benefit of drawing warm air away from the pump", so that is an inefficient pool pump. If the pump was replaced and the hydraulics improved you would probably halve the electricty bill when the heat pump was working and 85-90% lower the electricty bill when it's just the pool pump running so lowering your bill and further offsetting the cost of running the heat pump.

Thanks for the help, John & John. It's a metal case so no UV damage but it would be in full sun for the hottest part of the day so I guess it would get very hot inside. Current plan is to site the heat pump under an "overhang" extended from the roof of the equipment enclosure. It would be in full sun early morning to heat up but shaded for the rest of the day and would have the benefit of drawing warm air away from the pool pump if I take the back off the enclosure and I'm careful with the air flow around the heat pump. It also makes the plumbing and electrics easier to put all the equipment closer together. Many thanks for the advice.

Also, is it a plastic or metal case as the UV damage can do lots to the case and buying a new case is ? As John said some parts including the LCD or whatever display do not like direct sun on them. They just need to pull in warm air not actually boil themselves. I have wondered but not tried a solar collector panel in front of the unit to increase the air temp.

Hello Martin

I have experienced damage to the computer chip in the heater due to it being unshaded and in hot sun for prolonged periods. I have recently replaced the pool heater and have put an 'abri' over it for shade. This year is it's first full year in shade. I hope not to have the same problem again.

good luck