Six dinner Sid needs a home

Sid was found wandering the streets, looking for just one solid meal, let alone 6 (6 dinner Sid is a children's book about a cat who has 6 homes!!!). Sid was taken to the Fourriere and was due to be put to sleep, so Chats du Quercy stepped in to help. Our Sid is a very docile, calm, affectionate cat with lots of love and cuddles to give.

Sid né 2009 male noir et blanc à poil long, castré, FIV/FeLV négative, vacciné et pucé numéro d'identification 250268710169260

I'm super happy this morning too Melissa, not only for Sid, but Marcel, our 12 year old who has been in a foster family, and Mysti, a super gentle 2 year old, were adopted together this morning!

Sid certainly looks in charge here though, and he has been with the family who have persevered with him, for many weeks now, so looks like he has decided to stay and they love him to bits!

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful report, Lynn. He is a real beauty! Miracles happen when we work for them, and you are making miracles all the time.

At Last, Sid has found his proper, rightful home, here he is

Commentary from his new owners - "

Here is a progress report on Sid! He is improving daily and is a lovely boy and loves to be with us. He is venturing out a lot more but does not go far from the back door.
We hope in time he will become more confident with Flo (the dog)! We can only assume he was 'in charge' at his last home as he certainly wants to be the boss!
He has the most enormous appetite - loves his chicken and raw mince but actually, I'm sure, would eat anything offered!
I attach a photo taken today(21.10.12) - he is looking sleek and has put quite a bit of weight on."

If you know the book Melissa it is great! and although the cat in the book is totally black, poor Sid just reminded me of him!

Sid is a bit skinny at the moment so his head looks out of proportion! the fourriere said he is about 3 years old, but I think he is probably a bit younger. he is totally adorable, a really docile cat that sadly just accepts his 'lot' at the moment. We'll bring him out of his shell and he'll soon show his true colours!

He's adorable Lynn, what a sweet face. We are sending energy and love to Sid to find his Forever Home soon.